Three Tips to Keeping a Strong, Healthy Brand Voice on Social Media

It’s easy to get caught up in social media. It’s everywhere around us, especially us marketers, and is a crucial part to our brands’ success, how we consume news, and even part of our social lives. It moves 300 miles a minute every day and it’s easy to get caught up in what’s cool, trendy, and new. Here are three tips to ensure your brand doesn’t lose its voice in the noise.

First things first, know your audience. Understanding who your brand is talking to is the first step in knowing how to talk to them. How old are they? How do they use different social channels? Do they use slang, emojis, GIFs? Asking yourself these questions can help define the nuances in your brand voice.

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Be influenced. It’s helpful to take inspiration from others. Take the things you like about how a certain brand communicates and tailor it to work for your brand. This works with celebrities as well. If someone has a certain style that you think would work for your brand, replicate it! Oftentimes at Ignite, we’ll pick a celebrity or persona to be the unofficial voice of our brand so we can use their voice to help bring our brand’s to life.

Set some guidelines. One of our favorite ways to define brand voices at Ignite is through a “we are, we are not” exercise. Here’s an example: “We are witty, but we are not goofy.” The first statement defines the brand voice and the second sets the guideline to fine tune the way the brand communicates so it doesn’t go off the rails one way or another.

Do you need help making sure your brand’s voice isn’t lost? It’s our specialty. We’d love to help!

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