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The Dos and Don’ts of Going Live on Social

The “live” feature can be a very helpful tool for brands to utilize. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram offer the option to go live. This can be used to promote events, give an inside look, run a live sweepstakes or show your community what is happening in-the-moment.  But going live can sometime lose its benefits if it’s not properly executed. Check out these dos and don’ts of going live on social before your brand gives it a try.

going live on social

DO Let Your Community Know

Going live shouldn’t be a spur of the moment thing. You should put some thought into it before clicking the “live” button. Make sure you tell your community when and on what platform you are planning to go live, so they know when to tune in.

Do Plan in Advance

Plan, plan, plan! You should create a run of show (think of it like a script, including all information you might need) and practice it prior to the big event. Think of what you want to say and what you want to show the audience. Know who is doing the talking and how the timeline will pan out. Doing this ensures everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what their role is during the live stream.

DO Check equipment

It would be pretty unfortunate if you planned the whole event but didn’t check your connection and the live feed failed. Make sure you check how strong your connection is because you don’t want it to cut off and end your video. We suggest utilizing a strong WIFI connection! Also, be sure to check the battery life of the device your using to film and the audio equipment. Once you’re live, you don’t have time or the ability to make equipment changes.

DO Have Someone Monitoring

Have a person, or team, set up to monitor the live video. Those monitoring can keep up with the constant stream of comments coming in from your audience. Once you are live, anything can happen that you might not be aware of. The team monitoring your stream should be on the lookout for anything, from audio to connection issues.

DO Engage with Your Audience

If your community is watching your live video, call them out by name and answer their questions. Engaging with your audience should be one of the reasons you chose to do a live video in the first place, so don’t forget about them! You can make your audience feel special if you respond to their comments live and by name.

DON’T Just Broadcast to Broadcast

You’re not just going “live” to broadcast a video, you must utilize the live feature for something the community would want to see and be a part of.  Ask questions, answer those questions, and really show the community why you chose to go live. If your live video isn’t engaging enough or boring (for lack of a better word), your audience may stop watching. If you keep it interesting, you’ll keep your audience.

DON’T Cut It Short

The longer you’re live, the more time your community has to join in, so keep that live video going! Plan to go live for no less than 4-5 minutes – Facebook recommends going live for at least 10 minutes. You should know how long your live stream will last because you’ve practiced. But if your plan took less time than expected, you can always turn to your community for help and engage with them to keep the video going.

DON’T Just Have Anyone Host 

Make sure the person you choose to lead your live video is ready for it. Going live can be stressful so ensure that the person hosting is prepared for anything. If they’re not comfortable in front of the camera, then they may not be the best person for the job. The host must keep the show moving and roll with the punches.

DON’T Panic

You may be overly stressed out for your first live, but don’t worry! It’s okay. It’s live so people don’t expect perfection. Know that something may not go as planned and understand you may have to make changes at the drop of a hat. If you’ve practiced and are prepared for something to go a little differently than planned, you’re ready for this!

DON’T Forget to End With a CTA

Just like that, you’ve practiced, engaged with the community and made a very successful live video! Before you sign off, don’t forget to end with a call to action. It could be something simple, like “visit our website for more information” or “click the link below to subscribe.” End your live stream in a way that gives your community an action to take. Also, don’t forget to thank your audience for tuning in!

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of going live on social, it’s time to give it a try. Still have questions or want more information on how to help your brand?  Please contact us here or click the button below.

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