Social Media Stunners: We’re Breaking Down 4 Pieces We Love (+bonus)

In today’s digital world, your social media strategy lives and dies by captivating visual content. With endless posts flooding feeds, you need creative visuals that grab attention, inspire engagement, and turn followers into superfans.

We’re sharing four stellar examples (and a bonus) any brand can learn from to spark your social content creation.

If you’d rather read along, we’ve also summarized the discussion in the article below.

Product Promotion That Pops

Blake’s Hard Cider knocked it out of the park, promoting their seasonal Black Philip drink on Instagram. Reds and oranges immediately catch the eye, while subtle details like the pumpkin string lights add a dose of festive flair. The bold colors and variety of textures from the velvet backdrop to the drink can create visual interest guaranteed to stop the scroll.

The creative use of color blocking makes the cider can the focal point. This shows how strong visuals can elevate a basic product post into a thumb-stopping photo.

Action and Adventure Through Green Screens

Green screens present endless possibilities for eye-catching video content. Turning Point Church immerses viewers into the action by “jumping” inside a package.

The element of surprise grabs attention as viewers get transported from an everyday setting into stunning scenes of excitement. This imaginative video content intrigues audiences and immerses them in the brand’s world.

Putting green screens into action requires minimal equipment while allowing creativity to run wild. Place your product or service inside the green screen to tell a captivating brand story.

Leverage Reviews for Powerful Social Proof

Positive customer reviews are marketing gold. Athleta smartly repurposed a 5-star review in an Instagram post promoting their Cozy Karma Wrap.

The warm earth tones catch the eye while the review headline “Feels like a warm hug” generates an emotional connection. When real people advocate for your product, it establishes trust and social proof.

This post blends great visuals with compelling copy. The review headline pops, while the descriptive body text and CTA entice people to buy. Extract your best customer feedback and feature it prominently in social content.

Rainbow Visuals Spark Engagement

LaCroix created a fun video transitioning their colorful cans into a vibrant rainbow display. Their wide color palette immediately grabs attention in the Instagram feed.

Watching the cans bounce onto the scene keeps viewers engaged all the way through the 9-second video. Ending the caption with a question, “Which one are you choosing?” invites participation in the comments.

When you incorporate vibrant colors and movement with an engaging caption, it’s a recipe for viewers to like, comment, and share your post.

Make Your Brand the Star

Slack impressively executed brand-centric visuals in their LinkedIn post. The bold purple palette reinforces their brand identity while the coffee foam art puts their logo front and center.

Showcasing their event display and using logo stickers and hashtags cements their branding throughout the photo. The lively atmosphere with music adds personality that feels authentic to the Slack brand.

This post checks all the boxes: eye-catching visuals, creative brand integration, engaging copy, and compelling extras like location tagging. When your content looks this great, it will organically draw more brand awareness.

Stand Out with Stunning Visual Content

It all comes down to visual impact. Creativity, color, and unexpected elements are key for stunning social content. Focus on your brand story and let your personality shine through.

Bring your product and services to life visually and watch your engagement skyrocket. At Ignite Social Media, our team has the skills to produce showstopping content tailored to your brand. We can help you create a winning social strategy that converts customers

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