Social Media Spring Cleaning

With the first day of spring right around the corner and the end of Q1 approaching it is a great time to do some social media spring cleaning of your channels and tactics. There have already been some channel announcements and updates that you will want to make sure you adjust to as we had into the spring season.

Optimize Content & Post Types

During your spring cleanup, conduct an audit of what is and isn’t working for you in terms of your content and post types. For the last couple years, marketers have heard that we need to be creating more and more video content because that is what is getting served more often by the social algorithms more. However, in research we conducted, we found that link content is actually reaching more people, on average, organically (you can read more about our findings here.) We are also finding that Canvas ads are still proving to be effective in terms of generating awareness, engagement and time spent. Now you can extend those ads to Instagram Stories. Finally, if you aren’t already A/B testing content with different creative and CTAs give it a try this spring.

Change Up Your Media Buying Habits

Are you still buying the same ad units with the same targeting that you were this time last year or even three months ago? Chances are if that is the case, you aren’t seeing the same return now as you did back then. The networks are releasing new ad units and new targeting options what seems like daily. Don’t be afraid to set aside some of that budget to test these new options. If you are using ads to drive traffic take specific actions on your website, it is time to update your objective from ‘traffic driving’ to a ‘conversion campaign’. We are seeing the conversion campaign driving more quality actions. Also, in case you missed the memo, here are some of the paid media habits that you can leave behind this spring.

Refresh Your Reporting

This spring is also a good time to look at how and what you are reporting in terms of social media success. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Would someone outside of social media understand what these numbers mean?
  • Am I reporting results that translate and show business success?
  • Are my reports actionable?

If not, it is time to do update your reporting template. Even changing up how you are displaying the data can make a difference. Also, don’t forget to take a look at what your competitors have been up to. It is a good time to analyze their efforts over the past few months to see what they are doing well and what you can learn from.

If you need some help with your social media spring cleaning, we would be happy to lend a hand.

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