Mindset in the Moment – Channel and Format

A lot of planning goes into creating a single social media post. Our newest white paper, “Mindset in the Moment” has 5 key ideas to keep in mind to ensure that your social media posts are the best they can be. One of the more tactical ideas refers to channel and format. While this is one of the simplest aspects of a post to manage, it is often the most ignored. Here are a few ways to make sure your social media posts have the correct channel and format.

Know The Channels

If you are operating as a social media manager for a brand, you are likely in charge of the brand presence on more than one channel. Each channel that you are active on requires knowledge of the nuances of the channel. A post that works great on Facebook may not be a winner on Pinterest, for example.

To ensure you are using the channels correctly, read up of the purpose of each platform. You might find that Instagram is great for real, beautiful images that are relevant to your brand story, while Twitter might be perfect for driving traffic to your website. Avoid posting the exact same thing on every channel. You’ll bore your audience, and the posts won’t be as successful as they would have been with customizations to make them great for each platform. Develop content that works individually for each channel.

Know The Proper Post Type

Now that you know how and what to post on each channel, you can learn how to utilize different post types. On Facebook alone, you can choose from a link post, a photo post, a video post, a carousel post, and a canvas ad, for starters. Determine what the goal of your post is (Clicks? Likes? Comments?) and choose the post type that will get you the engagements you are looking for.

Know The Right Size

If you’ve chosen the proper channel, and know the format that is right for your content, it’s time to make sure that that content displays perfectly. A quick search of proper sizing for your post type should help you determine how to make sure the post looks great. When in doubt, create test accounts that are private to see how the post will look for your audience. Be sure to test your posts on a mobile device as well! Most of your post activity will likely come from mobile users, so you’ll want to doublecheck that the post looks great on desktop and mobile.

Choosing the right Channel & Format is only one of five aspects of the Mindset in the Moment approach. Want to learn more about making your social media content the best it can be? Download the full white paper here.

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