How to Spring into a New Season with Fresh Content

As Spring approaches, it’s important to start strong and capture your audience’s attention with content that’s fresh and relevant to the season. If you work with a brand that’s ahead of the game you’ve probably already started to produce and capture spring content. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, these four tips can lead you to a content calendar full of spring social content that’s on point for the season ahead.

Spring on a Relevant Hashtag

It seems like there’s a new national holiday every day of the year, which can be difficult to navigate from a brands standpoint. However, using hashtags that are relevant to your brand and audience’s interest can be beneficial when it comes to creating fresh content. To make the most of a relevant hashtag, a retail brand, for example, may want to create something for National Fragrance Day, which takes place on March 21st. The content doesn’t have to relate to a sale or product, it can be an opportunity to engage with your audience by asking questions like, “What fresh fragrance would you love to have for spring?” An example of using a relevant hashtag can be seen here in fashion retail brand Altar’d State’s post. The brand chose to use the National Sunglasses Day hashtag to talk about sunglasses, which is an item they sell.


Cleanup for Spring

Spring cleaning isn’t only related to your home, you can take it to your brand’s social pages as well! Getting rid of any content or information that is irrelevant or no longer useful can help keep your brand’s pages in tip-top shape. Updating your brand’s cover photos on Facebook and Twitter will give your page a fresh look. Removing any old information or links on your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages helps to make your pages more useful for people who visit them. Be sure that all information available on your brand’s social pages is useful, correct, and still relevant to ensure that visitors are led in the right direction.

Try Something New

A new season is a great time to try something new! There are many different ad types that could be useful for driving the results you want to see- taking the time to do some research to see what will work best could be useful for your brand. No matter what platforms you’re on, there are countless ways to make content that your audience can interact with. For example, if you want to make a new type of content, you could try a poll on Facebook, Twitter or in an Instagram story. If you want to go the video route, you can create a different type of video that you haven’t made before, like a stop motion video, cinemagraph or a pause to find video like this one from Lucky Supermarkets, a California based grocery store chain.

Host a Fresh UGC Contest

Hosting a UGC (user-generated content) contest could be useful in more ways than one. If possible, ask your audience to get out and take pictures relevant to spring or a holiday during the season. To encourage participation & create an incentive for contributing to the contest. The content that you get from your audience members who take part can be used throughout the season and even be reposted onto your social pages. This will make them feel a part of your brand’s story while also giving your brand’s pages a real and authentic feel.

Although it’s not necessary to change your brand’s strategy for spring, there are many things you can do to make your content relevant for a new season. Need more help refreshing your brand’s content before the upcoming season? We’re here to help.


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