Halloween Trends of 2015

As the calendar wanes, and holiday promotions of all sorts become nearly omnipresent, our social channels will see a range of branded content show up. (Great holiday content suggestions here. #SameGoodLookingWriter). Whereas Christmas and Thanksgiving tend to focus on families, warmth, well wishes, and the like, Halloween presents an entirely different animal. Sure, we’ll all see new and creatives costumes every year, but the kid in us wants to know what’s good to consume come October 31st.

This year, several food and beverage brands are rolling out new content and campaigns to promote their Halloween offerings. To avoid the obvious, I won’t be devoting any attention to the onslaught of #AllPupmkinEverything that happens this time of year. That said, perhaps the most easily recognized new product this year comes from Burger King.


New burgers and offerings from fast-food establishments often pick up some attention. However, the Halloween Whopper has gone beyond the typical level of recognition. Perhaps it’s because the black bun is so visually striking in general, or because Burger King has tied in the dark and spooky elements of Halloween into the campaign.

Crafty people often flock to Pinterest for new recipes and food inspiration. This month, many brands are driving traffic to check out their boards to make treats using their products. M&M’s is using their Twitter account to showcase their Pinterest page which features a board full of Halloween recipes from both their owned page and various other websites.


Butterfinger has a Pinterest page of their own, but are also showcasing new ideas for candy Halloween treats on their Facebook page, like these delicious spiders. (Note: not all spiders are delicious.)

Hershey’s has taken the crafting of candy creations in-house but is using their channels and #HERSHEYSHalloween to drive traffic and awareness. The famous Hershey’s Kisses are undergoing a bit of a seasonal transformation on Facebook and Twitter through images and GIFs, the wrapped candies play the role of witches, ghouls, and of course, piñata fillings.


Save for Burger King, the focus this season isn’t so much on new products (unless you count new ways to put pumpkin where it doesn’t necessarily belong) but rather new ways to enjoy old favorites. Happy Halloween everyone, and please, don’t eat spiders.

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