Five Go-To Apps for Creating Social Content on the Go

Social media content creation can happen anywhere and depending on the scenario, or if you’re covering a live event, the capturing, editing, and posting may all need to happen on the go. Luckily, there are several social content creation apps that can make doing this all from a smartphone a breeze.

Social Content Creation Apps

Lightroom Adobe’s announcement that this app is free to iPhone and Android users got buried in a mass of updates, but it’s definitely not something to sleep on. Lightroom gives the user great control over edits like exposure, white balance, curves, and cropping, making professional-looking edits a breeze when you’re away from the rest of the Creative Suite.


Snapseed This is another great (and FREE!) photo-editing app to have in your handheld arsenal. It includes some of the same editing features as Lightroom, but also includes tools that are only available with the Lightroom premium upgrade … things like perspective editing and a healing tool for removing unwanted parts of your images.

VSCO This is perhaps the most artistic app in this roundup with dozens of beautiful, premade filters … even more if you upgrade to VSCO X. This app has built-in editing functionality as well, making it a one-stop app shop for creating unique, distinctive images, any time, any place. It’s well-known and well-loved in the creative community.


iMovie Hey, iPhone users! This one’s just for you. Sorry, Android folks. The mobile app doesn’t have all the functionality of the desktop app, but it’s super-handy for quick video editing and making time lapses and slow-mos on the go.

Video Crop This app is as simple as its name and its ability to crop videos to social-friendly dimensions in the most user-friendly way makes it deserving of a space on your home screen.


With these five apps downloaded and ready for editing, you can focus on capturing the content. Would you rather have us handle it from here? We’d love to chat!
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