Don’t Miss the Ignite Social Media Party during SxSW. Registration Now Open

Last year, the Ignite Social Media party with Jason Falls was a popular place, as over 3,000 of our closest friends descended on Molotov and the Dogwood. In fact, our tweets made the hashtag #ismparty trend on Twitter in Austin.

This year, we’re doing it again, but this time, you must be registered to attend the private part of the party (from 7:00 to 10:00) and we’ve consolidated from two bars to one (Molotov) to make it easier to find your friends and that random guy on Twitter that you’ve never actually seen in real life. No walk-ups will be allowed in until 10:00, and by then, I’m sure all the food will be gone.

Register Now

Registration is free and simple. Just head on over to Eventbrite and follow the instructions.

You’re welcome to come, your friends are welcome to come with you (as long as they register), and it’s a great way to kick off the adventures that take place in and around SxSW.

Thanks to our Sponsors

Random Ignite Party Pic from 2011

Random Shot of Last Year's Party

Providing some free food and drink to half of Austin takes some coordination and support. So a quick shout out to Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer, the original party host who got this tradition started.

I also want to thank Tim Hayden, who makes the party happen, and our other sponsors Expion, a social media management platform and a great partner of Ignite’s, as well as 44 Doors, a mobile marketing provider. They help make this party possible.

See You There?

If you’re coming, I’d love to meet you. Register first, but also leave a shout-out in the comments so I can look for you during the party to say hi.

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