15 Funny Social Media Badges Unveiled during SXSW

If you can’t make fun of social media language and social media marketers, you’re just not trying very hard.

We use words and phrases like “tweet-a-thon” and “link bait,” often with a straight face.

In recognition of that, we put together our first “Stickerbook” for distribution at the Ignite Social Media Party during SXSW, complete with 24 stickers. We share here 15 of the best of them. Feel free to use them to ornament just the right blog post. Enjoy.

That’s What She Said

Like to Update Your Status

They See Me Trollin’

StumbleUpon This


One Character Short of a Retweet

NSFW: Not Safe for Work

Link Bait

Your Mom is My Facebook Friend

I’m Big on Twitter

Mayor of Your Mom

I’d Follow Me

I Meme

Flickr? I Hardly Know Her

As Seen on YouTube

What’s your favorite?

If you borrow one for a blog post, we’re totally fine with that. We’d love to see where you put it, so put a link to your post in the comments. Enjoy.

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