Ignite Social Media Goes Paintballing

As a team building exercise, we thought what better way to spend a Wednesday morning than to play some paintball. So, we got up bright and early and drove over to Xtreme Kombat in Durham, NC. Below, you can check out a few photos from the day’s events.

Receiving safety instructions. The entire staff was very friendly and helpful.

What would a paintball excursion be without some fashionable camo gear?

Loading up on ammo.

Team members help each other put on their bandanas so they can distinguish each other on the field of battle.

Team leaders Rick and Ken with their game faces.

Team Bayside Tigers sporting a ferocious orange.

Team Valley Bulldogs wearing a deceptively deadly pink (kudos if you picked up on the Saved by the Bell references).

Discussing a plan of attack.

Aiming down the sights.

Providing cover while charging the fort.

President of Ignite Social Media, Jim Tobin, trying out a new hair style.

Obligatory gangster pose.

Some of us picked up a few battle wounds.

All of us took a little extra paint home.

Everyone had an amazing time and I think it’s safe to say we all feel a little closer. If you’re looking for a fun way to build camaraderie, give paintball a try.

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