How Our Social Media Managers Get Into The Mindset In The Moment

Here at Ignite Social Media, we pride ourselves on creating people-first content. Over the last ten years, that has evolved many times to reach our newest iteration, Mindset in the Moment™. This approach is based on reaching people with content they will engage with, at a time when they are most likely to be interested in it. It’s a little tricky to conceptualize, but our new white paper breaks it down for you. It’s essentially a multi-faceted approach to social content creation that takes every aspect of the audience experience into account for every post, to ensure maximum impact. So how do our content and community management teams ‘get into’ this Mindset in the Moment™? We have a few tricks.


This is the first piece to the Mindset in the Moment™ puzzle. Community managers at Ignite are often the ones creating content, publishing content, and responding to the community via comments and wall posts. Because they are so close to the community, working in it every day, they inherently have insights into what is working and what isn’t working with content. Couple that with extensive analytics and reviews of post performance, and our community managers are experts in the audience they are serving. So, when creating content, our community managers start by asking themselves:

What will resonate with the target audience?

What passion point does this content hit?

How will the target audience react when they are shown this content?

With these basic questions in mind, the community manager begins to form the initial concept for the post or campaign.


This is one of my favorite components of Mindset in the Moment™. It revolves around the idea that good advertising, especially on social, feels native to the channel and doesn’t annoy the viewer. Yes, an ad that flashes “25% off” in bright colors might disrupt a viewer’s experience enough to gain an impression, but if that impression is negative, it’s not worth the ad spend. So, our community managers ask themselves;

Will this post stand out to our audience without annoying them?

Will this post fit in and make sense in the context of our audience’s timeline, and the other content that is on it?


So simple, so often ignored. Our community managers utilize a posting checklist that ensures that all social posts are sized properly, use the correct format, look great on mobile … the list goes on. When preparing to create content, our community managers ask themselves:

Does this post make sense across channels, or is it platform specific?

How will this post look in the timeline or newsfeed?

Should we choose a video or image to accompany it?


This is one of the trickier components of the Mindset in the Moment™. It refers to the social value that a piece of content provides to the audience. In general, if a post doesn’t provide any value for the audience, they won’t engage or pay attention to it. So, every post has to have a hook. Our social media managers ask themselves:

What about this content will make the audience want to engage?

Does this content provide something of value to the audience, outside of the product or sales message?


This is the fifth and final piece of Mindset in the Moment™. To ensure content is in the right place at the right time, our community managers ask:

When should this content be seen by the community?

What is occurring on the social channel in real time when the post is being seen?

This is the component that ensures that your content isn’t placed next to a story about a tragedy or otherwise juxtaposed with content that doesn’t help your post get attention. This requires some real-time work, but isn’t that what social is all about?

Our Mindset in the Moment™ white paper is available now for your reading pleasure. Now that you know how our social media community managers use it daily, you can begin to apply it to your content production process. Download the white paper here:




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