Real-Time Marketing: 7 Hot Polar Vortex Brand Posts

Thanks to the polar vortex, a record number of people in North America were forced to wear long underwear and blow dry their freezing pipes this week. From Chicago to Atlanta, people have dealt with record lows and obscene amounts of snow. For those in the midst of the chilling weather, this meant extra layers and expletives, but for community managers it meant a red-hot social media marketing opportunity. Here are seven brands that brought the heat during the polar vortex with real-time content.

Game of Thrones Destroys the Polar Vortex


When creating real-time content, it’s important to illustrate how your brand or product can relate to the trending topic. Game of Thrones nailed this goal with a chilling image of their infamous white walker. The post is timely, relevant and true to its brand voice.

Wendy’s Showcases Hot Eats and Frosty Treats


As the temperature dropped, screenshots of weather apps flooded social media timelines. Wendy’s played on that trend by transforming a typical weather app image into a creative way to feature its Spicy Chipotle sandwich. Who doesn’t want a hot, juicy sandwich when it’s below freezing outside?


Vogue Magazine Provides Polar Vortex Damage Control


Cold weather means dry skin, chapped lips and hair full of static and Vogue Magazine decided to use this opportunity to provide solutions. This is an effective angle to consider when brainstorming timely content ideas.

ELLE Magazine Takes a Sexier, Sassier Approach


What better way to engage with your target audience of women than with a naked picture of gorgeous Alexander Skarsgard in the snow – even if he is on the toilet?

Ben & Jerry’s Prove It’s Never Too Cold for Ice Cream


Ben & Jerry’s can turn your shivering from the cold into shivering from excitement with their makeshift freezer display. They also nailed it last week with another real-time post regarding Colorado’s legalization of marijuana.

Comedy Central Warms Us with Laughter


Using humor to promote your brand can be tricky, but Comedy Central did a terrific job of adding humor to a frigid situation. This post is completely absurd, and it totally works.

Under Armour Utilizes Cold Snap to Promote Sweepstakes


Talk about real-time marketing, Under Armour launched a sweepstakes in honor of the polar vortex The copy is engaging and the contest is simple.

Brands Frozen Stiff by the Polar Vortex…

I was shocked to see how many brands missed out on utilizing this week-long trending topic. Brands like Blistex, The North Face, Timberland, Starbucks, REI, and L.L. Bean were handed a social media marketing gift with a bow on top, but appeared to pass on the opportunity.

How can your team ensure policies are in place to take advantage of trending topics with real-time content?

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