Instagram Update Finally Allows Importing Videos

Community managers across the world rejoiced today, as Instagram’s 4.1 update finally allowed for importing videos. (Somewhere, Vine developers are nervous.)

Instagram Video Import

No longer does a community manager or content creator have to hold the in-app button to record an Instagram video, as they can now import a video from their phone and then make that an Instagram video.

Should Ease Approval Process Pain

Community managers can now create a video, send to their brand manager, have it approved, and then post it. No longer do we have to create detailed storyboards that say what we want to create, and then hope our brand manager has the same vision. Brand managers should also feel a bit of comfort, as they can see content before it goes live.

More Polished Content

Brands can now put out “mini commercials” that are more polished and filmed on better cameras that aren’t their cell phones. Get ready to see more familiar .gif-style posts in your newsfeed.

Less Fear of “Failed” Videos

My brand’s first Instagram video failed three times during uploading, which forced me to spend more than two hours creating a video that involved sticky liquids outside (gross). It was less than glamorous. Now that I can import a video, I don’t have to be worried about Instagram failing and losing all my content.

Editing Capabilities

Wait – that tiny slip of my finger ruined my whole video? Fret no more, community managers. Instagram is here for you. Now that we can import videos, we don’t have to rely solely on filming within the app.

What other things are you most excited for with Instagram’s upgrade? And how much must it suck to be Vine right now?

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