Tips for Brand's Social Account Secure

How to Keep Your Brand’s Social Account Secure

Tips for Brand's Social Account Secure Last month, you may have been signed out of your personal Facebook account due to a recent privacy breach. While almost 50 million people were affected, according to Facebook there was no indication that business accounts were affected. Regardless, it’s a good reminder to put in safeguards to protect your potentially vulnerable business accounts. At Ignite Social Media, we’ve implemented several best practices to ensure our clients keep their brand’s social account secure.

Here are 4 simple tips we adhere to, to keep your brand’s social account secure.


1. Change P@s$Wurds

  • At Ignite Social Media, if any of our employees leave, we immediately change passwords to all accounts that they may have had access to. While we don’t expect our past employees to Keeping Brand's Social Account Securedisrupt the pages and we do not allow the use of personal devices to log onto client accounts, we are careful to always change passwords immediately when someone leaves, and you should get in the habit too. Outside of an employee leaving, we recommend changing passwords every quarter. Make sure you’re picking a strong password each time and when communicating the updated password to those who need it, you’re not emailing, you’re calling!


2. Sweep Your Account Roles

  • In addition to updating passwords regularly, you should periodically sweep your account to see who has access and make sure that all roles are appropriately assigned. This becomes especially important when reviewing the different levels of access available in Ads Manager. You may only want someone to view reports but you’re currently granting them admin access which allows them to create/edit ads on your behalf and even edit the funding source. Every 6 months, add a calendar invite that reminds you to review your page, remove anyone who doesn’t need to have access anymore and consider, changing roles, by following these easy steps.


3. Manage Your Ads Manager

  • Our paid media team is optimizing ads daily, so we don’t have to worry too much that there is no sight into our client’s Ads Manager but Facebook does recommend that you review active campaigns to make sure that nothing has been adjusted as far as budgets or payment type. If you notice a change that wasn’t made by you, report it right away. Trust us, you don’t want to have to deal with that financial headache later when money has been spent on the wrong card!

Brand's Social Account Secure Manage Your Ads

4. Mark as Spam

  • Community Managers have a big role on pages. They’re responsible for keeping positive engagement going and keeping their cool while helping solve customer problems. One additional job description that doesn’t get much praise but helps in the fight of keeping away spam on social channels, is reporting suspicious activity.
  • Spam has the potential to gain access to accounts. When one of our Community Managers sees posts that they know didn’t come from our team or the brand, as a best practice, they hit the Report link and fill out a form to report it to Facebook. It’s a “small” task but it helps to make big impacts.

There is no way in predicting what the next news from Facebook will be but these tips, though small in effort, could go a long way in helping brands feel more secure.

If you need help managing your channels or need an audit of your current social media efforts, send us a message!
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