Arby’s #TrickorMeat

Halloween Social Content Round-up: The Best and the Worst from Around the Web

Happy Halloween! Did you score lots of candy yet? Did you dress up at work today? The Community Management team at Ignite went emoji-crazy. We clearly slayed it in the costume department, but what brands killed it with social content for Halloween this year?

You should have already studied up on how to create great branded Halloween content. Now it’s time to see which brands knocked us dead and which brands gave us corpse-like reactions on social media today. It’s also time to see how many Halloween puns I can fit into this post. I’m counting five so far.

1. Best Pet Program

It’s a tie! Both PetsMart and Petco nailed it this season. Petco gave a bag of free treats to any pet that came into the store. Fantastic way to increase foot traffic. Whereas, PetSmart hosted a Monster Cute Photo Contest that produced priceless user generated content. They did a great job of sharing that content on social leading up to today. Crowdly explains how PetsMart and Petco mastered Halloween.


2. Worst Use of a Hashtag

Hands down, Arby’s wins for most controversial social Halloween campaign. Their disturbing use of a hashtag created quite the ruckus on Twitter. The fast food chain is adding free bacon to your order if you say #TrickOrMeat today. That’s right, Trick or Meat.

Arbys Fired Arbys Hashtagdirty arbys

3. Best Text-Only

Three little words is all it took for Taco Bell to win on Twitter today. After wiping out its social media accounts in anticipation of launching their new app, they came back strong with this simple, but hilarious tweet.

Taco Bell Witches

4. Worst Call To Action

The Food Network may be freakishly good in the kitchen, but their social effort today was just scary bad. This tweet is all over the place, which makes it downright confusing. Are we supposed to retweet? Are we supposed to tweet you our plans? Or are we supposed to learn how to make something?

Food Network Tweet

5. Best Use of a Product

How excited would the little ones be to have a mummy bar of soap at bath time? Ok, even I would get a kick out it. Ivory wins for best use of a product with this cute Facebook post.

6. Worst Use of an Image

I hope you took insurance out on this promoted tweet, New York Life, because it’s a disaster. First of all, it looks like the wrong copy was posted with this image initially, because it didn’t make any sense. Then the copy was changed, but really wasn’t any better.

New York Life

New York Life Tweet

Halloween is a fun holiday, and if it’s right for your brand, you can really get creative with your content. Did these posts inspire you for next year? What was your favorite brand post from today that we missed? Share it with us in the comments.

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