Community First Insights: 1/5 of the Mindset in the Moment Approach

Making your audience love your content is one of the biggest challenges social media marketers face. That’s why here at Ignite, we developed our Mindset in the Moment™ approach, to help guide us on the where, what, when, how and why of creating great social content. You’ll want to download our white paper to read about the whole approach, but today we’re talking about Community First Insights—the first of five sections.

Community First Insights are a particularly important piece of the Mindset in the Moment™ puzzle. I’ll admit I’m biased; my career at Ignite began as a community manager, where I interacted with brands’ social communities every day. I spent hours answering their questions, analyzing their responses to our various posts, and hoping something would go viral. What I learned was that a piece of content might be good, but without thinking of the community first, it will never be great. Audiences naturally respond better to content that was created with them in mind; using Community First Insights to layer in nuances ensures the content will resonate with your audience.

It can be as simple as knowing that your social audience isn’t a big fan of dessert recipes, but raves about healthy recipes. Or, more granularly, that your audience won’t respond to a post about taking lunch to work, but will love a post about making a big meal for the whole family. You could be a food brand and just push any and all food content, or you could layer in these Community First Insights to save time and effort in creating content. And, that content will perform better, because you’ve tested it on the people with the Like button.

So, how can you start taking Community First Insights into consideration when you are creating content? If your social media manager is responding to customers on the channels, you likely have the perfect resource to begin. Ask your day-to-day community manager to start keeping track of common patterns on the channels.

What types of posts are doing best?

                What are people saying in the comments or replies about our posts?

                What really isn’t resonating with our audience?

If something has performed well, how can we re-create that success based on the audience’s response?

Ask your community manager to check in with their ideas on the above every two to four weeks. You’ll be amazed at the ideas that can be churned from studying your existing fans. It’s an easy way to work qualitative Community First Insights into your content development process.

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