New Year, New Social; 4 Quick Fixes to Tidy Up Your Social Media Channels

While the rest of the world is packing into the gym and baking kale chips, marketers and social media pros are focusing on strategies, finalizing budgets, and laying out promotions for the upcoming year. While thinking big and thinking ahead is key to success, try starting January by editing some little features on your brand pages. Spending a few minutes updating your social media channels this week is the perfect way to get 2017 off to a fresh start. Just think of this as your 1-mile jog in preparation of your upcoming marathon! (thumbs up emoji)

Pinterest Rotating Showcase

Pinterest recently rolled out a new feature that ‘showcases’ up to five boards at the top of your page. This new feature is scrollable and highlights the boards that you want your users to see most. This can be changed to highlight seasonal items, new items, or promotions. Select the boards that are robust, searchable, and high-priority for your users, and be sure to keep on top of switching them out when appropriate.


Customizing Your Facebook Layout

You may have noticed that Facebook is rolling out a new layout for brand pages. The new layout includes customizable sections in the middle column, new templates for different business types with various tab options, and an easier way to see and share the unique URL for each tab. This will allow your brand page to highlight initiatives or key features that are important to your audience, such as Location Pages for retailers and restaurants.

There are a number of layouts to choose from, so be sure your layout reflects what your users find most important. Business Managers can update their page with the new layout by going to Settings, and then clicking on Edit Page.

Update Your Profile and Cover Photos

Nothing gives your page a quick facelift like updating your profile and cover photo. This can be a simple change for the season, or a change to highlight a new promotion coming up. Have your design team whip up something eye-catching, sleek, and on brand. This is especially important if you had a holiday themed cover and profile picture posted – you don’t want to be *that* house on the block. You know the house. The one who has their lights up until Valentine’s Day.

Target was clearly on the ball the day after Christmas, as they updated their cover photo to focus on fitness for the New Year.


Refresh All Passwords

While this one won’t benefit the look or feel of your pages, it will certainly benefit the security of your pages. Don’t forget to change passwords every few months to ensure you are protected from threats, and starting off the new year with a refresh is the perfect reminder. Every channel should be changed to include special characters, numbers, with a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters. Your password should also have nothing to do with your brand so it’s not easily guessable to outsiders and hackers. (So no, Chevy’s password shouldn’t be “Roadtrip”.)

So, block an hour off in your calendar and capitalize on these quick edits for your social media channels. Here’s to a New Year that is full of novel and snappy fixes!

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