Cranberry Marketing Committee

Cranberry Marketing Committee: #USCranberries

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  • Establish and increase the awareness of cranberries as America’s original “superfruit.”
  • Expand the use of cranberries (in all forms) beyond the traditional holiday season (Thanksgiving and Christmas).
  • Establish July 4th as another “cranberry” holiday.
  • Increase the conversation and engagement with all forms of cranberries, with a peak for July 4th and carried through the end of summer.



  • Ignite Social Media partnered with cooking and home entertainment influencers to create and syndicate a variety of 4th of July/Red, White and Blue themed content.

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Cranberries Results ImageTHE RESULTS:

  • 1.2 MM impressions were generated by the influencers’ blog posts, which is lasting SEO-rich content that will continue to drive awareness for US Cranberries.
  • Influencer-driven content syndication created an additional 41.5 MM impressions, which serves as a true testament to the power of syndication through influencers’ social media outlets.
  • Lastly, with 4.3 MM impressions, the Twitter party generated a final push to have consumers keep cranberries top of mind while shopping for ingredients needed to create food for the perfect Red, White and Blue party.

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