Social Media Roundup: Best In Class Beer Brands

There’s plenty of big money to make big moves in the beer business. Enough for extravagant Super Bowl ads. Enough to create cans for every NFL team in the league. Enough to change your name to America. And while that money may pay for these big plays to get people talking, the craft breweries are working their way to the top of the beer business … through social. Grab a beer and take a look at a few of our favorites.

Stone Brewing is building a craft beer empire with production facilities from Southern California to Richmond to Berlin and along with it, they’re building a social media empire as well. In fact, according to data from Sprinklr, they’re both the most engaging and the most loved craft brewery on social media. We’re especially digging their Facebook presence for its use of properly-credited user-generated content and video, featuring the faces behind the beer, that Facebook so handsomely rewards these days.

Much like the craft brewers themselves, we’re big supporters of quality over quantity, especially when it comes to social media content, but we’re willing to give Deschutes Brewing a little slack. Sprinklr data tells us they were posting more than 10 times a day across channels, but with plans for a new East Coast brewery and distribution to several new markets, they have a lot of news to spread … and they’re using Twitter to share every drop of it. The content can be a little all over the place, but they’re really using that channel to keep their thirsty beer fans informed.

So, Stone is the most engaging and most loved, Deschutes is the most active, but who deserves a toast? New Belgium Brewing. Not only do they have a different strategy for their different social channels (smart) and repurpose content in clever ways across channels (efficient), but they use their content to tell their brand story instead of simply pushing product (hallelujah). You can take one look at their Instagram page and know what they’re all about: great beer, bikes, their people, sustainability, and plenty of fun. We’ll cheers to that.


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