Join Our Social Media ROI Webcast

For the last five years at Ignite Social Media, we’ve been thinking, and writing, about social media marketing and the impact of it for a brand. Throughout that time period, people have been asking, “What’s the ROI of social media marketing?” The question implies that there is a single answer, as there might be for other forms of marketing.

I’m excited to host a webcast — Six Social Media ROI Models — this week that will address this very topic, which is so near and dear to our hearts at Ignite. Tom Webster — VP of Marketing at Edison Research — will join as our special guest.

The show starts at 2pm EST this Wednesday, February 27. Register here to hear Tom and I discuss six ROI models that we’ve battle-tested with our clients at Ignite Social Media and to learn way that you can apply the same six models to your business.

I look forward to hosting the show and learning from Tom’s insights and feedback. If you can’t make the webcast, feel free to download a copy of our white paper which addresses the models we’ve found to be most effective.

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