Send Tweet, Instant Donation to Care: First-ever Sponsored Tweet-a-thon

UPDATE (3/3): Because of the great response yesterday, Fathom Events has decided to increase the donation level from 10 cents to 50 cents per Tweet, up to 10,000 Tweets. So it’s easier, and 5x more powerful, than ever! Thanks for your help spreading the word.

UPDATE (3/5): Wow. What a great response. Over 2,100 Tweets and counting every minute. Fathom Events really wants to make the full $5,000 donation, so they just agreed to increase it to $1.00 per Tweet, up to 5,000!

FINAL UPDATE (3/6): Just talked to my client, NCM Fathom Events. They said the event last night went wonderfully and they were so grateful for the help of the Twitter community and the over 2,800 Tweets sent. So they’ve decided to make the full $5,000 donation to CARE to help them fight global poverty by empowering women. Great work by the Twitterati! Thank you for helping raise $5,000 for such a worthy cause.

Starting today and running through March 5, you can raise money for one of the most iconic charitable institutions of all time. From March 2-5, our client, National Cinemedia’s Fathom Events will donate 10 cents to Care for every tweet you send that includes the hashtag #apowerfulnoise.

Care is the charity that, post World War II, introduced “care packages” to the world. They’re still a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, with a special emphasis on helping women pull their families, and their communities, out of poverty.

Send a Tweet, Instant Donation
All you have to do to have 10 cents be donated is to use Twitter (the ultimate ‘noisemaker’) to make a powerful noise in support of women’s rights. We’ll count any tweet with the hashtag #apowerfulnoise in it anywhere, and NCM Fathom will donate 10 cents for it, up to 50,000 Tweets. It’s all in support of International Women’s Day and the upcoming event A POWERFUL NOISE Live in 450 select movie theatres nationwide on March 5.

Add your face to the visual petition
You can also participate in our visual petition and upload your picture to make our A Powerful Noise mosaic noisier and noisier. Thanks for supporting the cause.

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