Looking for a Great Job in Social Media Marketing? Ignite Social Media is Hiring Again

I love my job. I get to do social media marketing for some of the world’s best brands. And I get to work with some of the very smartest people in the business every day.

Now, we need more of those smart people. The kind that bring a passion to what they do and combine the confidence that comes with experience with the humble nature of someone who is always learning. If that’s you, you may fit in perfectly at Ignite Social Media.

I’m very excited to announce that our next phase of hiring is underway, because of the opportunity to make our team even better.

Need a Job?

We’ve got openings in both our Raleigh and Detroit offices in a number of areas, including

  • Account Management
  • Web Development
  • Community Engagement
  • Interactive Design
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Metrics and Monitoring
  • Office Management

We’ve even got an internship on that list, so if you’re looking to break into the space check that out. We’ll have a few more internship opportunities posted in a few days.

Apply Today

Check out the job listings below. We have a strong, collaborative culture, competitive salary and strong benefits. We hope you’re the next person to join our growing team.

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