Ignite Social Media Turns Two

Happy birthday to us!

We launched this blog on July 2, 2007 as the first public face of our new company. One visitor showed up. Not sure how s/he found us. Two years and a couple hundred thousand visitors later, we’re having a lot of fun.

We’ve built a team (around 20 of us right now), written a book on social media marketing that made 3 Amazon best seller lists, had a lot of fun and, best of all, worked with some great clients.

Thanks to our clients!

Clearly there is no second birthday with no clients. Special thanks to (in approximate order of joining with us):

Silly Birthday Video Tradition

Since we did a video for our first birthday, we decided to do it again today. Just a little frivolity and a way to show the great team we’ve assembled here. It’s our tribute to The Office. Enjoy!

Feel free to make fun of us in the comments below.

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