Ignite Social Media to Host First Ever Snapinar

This week, we’ve got some big news to share. We’re unveiling a revolutionary concept so you may need to take a deep breath before you continue reading.

Our deeply analytical research tells us that if people don’t have time for lunch, they probably don’t have time to sit through a dry webinar. In light of that, we’ve developed an innovative concept: the Snapinar.

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Yes, the Snapinar. We know that you’re all incredibly busy, the social landscape is changing rapidly (and consistently), and the average attention span is now only 8 seconds. But we’ve got great insights that we want to share with you, particularly about Snapchat. You may have read our other blog posts about Snapchat, all of which are great reads, but we thought to ourselves: What better way to convey our insights about Snapchat than to share them right in the platform itself?

So, whether you’re eager to learn about Snapchat and whether it’s right for your brand or just plain curious to see how this will play out, tune into our Snapinar via our Snap Story on Tuesday August 4th.at 10:00 a.m. ET. To add our handle ahead of time, search for IgniteSMA or take a photo of our Snapcode below. Also, feel free to submit a Snapchat question via Snapchat or Twitter (@ignitesma) that we will try to answer at the end of the Snapinar.  Snap ya later!



In case you missed our Snapinar, feel free to follow up on key learning’s and watch the full video here!

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