Ignite Social Media Hires Brian Chappell as Sr. Social Search Strategist

Jim Tobin, president of Ignite Social Media, announced today the hiring of Brian Chappell as Sr. Social Search Strategist. Brian joined Ignite, the first social media agency in North Carolina, in mid-February after working to build traffic for e-commerce sites.

“Brian’s search engine and analytical expertise is an important addition to Ignite,” Tobin said. “As Ignite continues to grow, Brian’s passion and understanding of search engine algorithm technologies and analytics will strengthen our ability to provide customized, well-implemented social media campaigns for our clients.”

Brian brings over six years in organic search engine optimization as well as 3 years experience utilizing site analytics to Ignite Social Media. As the former Director of Search Engine Optimization for a multimillion-dollar e-commerce company, Brian has the tactical experience of competing in one of the most competitive niches around. He oversaw the online marketing campaign, content management, and analytical testing while there.

Brian is also an avid blogger and social media consumer. He can be found at BrianChappell.com relaying the latest findings on SEO in addition to guest posts on MarketingPilgrim.com and a myriad of other blogs and magazines.

Brian earned his BS degree in Business Information Technology with a concentration in e-commerce at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA.

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