Ignite Social Media Gets Social

I love it when people psychoanalyze social media.

It’s interesting to me that people get so frightened by what is ‘lost’ by having a strong virtual presence and engaging with social media on a daily basis. There are those who become anxiously aware of the lack of phone usage and eye contact, and much hand-wringing over the literal rewiring of our brains ensues. But what about everything that we gain?

I think there are valid points behind all of this fretting, especially as mounting evidence shows that some users still lack social media savvy and couth. These are the people who haven’t worked out what is an appropriate status update (‘I hate my boyfriend’s car!’) and what isn’t (‘I hate my boyfriend’), or people that use social media as a crutch; a way to avoid face-to-face interaction or confrontation, rather than to supplement it.

As a social media marketing firm, I get the sense that some people assume we sit around playing on Facebook all day. But the same ideas of collaboration and connectivity that light fires in traditional marketing still apply in the social media spectrum. It’s just the avenues for creating those sparks that are changing.

Por ejemplo: rad design firm in The Triangle, Flyweel, has blog, Ok Great! I read said blog, see they have Twitter account, begin following. We tweet amongst ourselves, said design firm DM’s me and challenges Ignite to a friendly game of croquet. Hilarity ensues. Not to mention mutual crush on each other’s portfolios and some serious fist-bumping.

So lest we be called Ignite Asocial Media, let it be known that we are a convivial bunch of charmers. We are not, however, very skilled croquet players.

Ignite Social Media