Ignite Social Media Turns One: Happy Birthday to Us

Today is the one year birthday of Ignite Social Media. At least according to our Google Analytics account, which shows one visitor – just one – to this site on July 2, 2007. A lot has happened since we first set out that day to create the original social media agency.

We’ve grown from “Lisa and Jim” to a team of eight. Once we opened the doors for clients (in October), we found ourselves blessed with great clients who understand the value of conversations with their customers—and who hired us even though we were a new company. We’ve added new tools to our toolkit. We’ve worked really hard and we’ve had a lot of fun.

To celebrate, we had some cake and, once the sugar rush kicked in, we decided to take a few minutes to make fun of ourselves (and show you the team) in a goofy little video that makes us all look a little dumb. Hope you enjoy it. It made us laugh—particularly the cake part at the end.

Thanks for all your support over the first year. From colleagues to clients to blog readers and social network friends, we’ve really enjoyed it. Hope you have too.


Ignite Social Media