Follow Me Social Media Plugin Update: Version 3.0 Launched

Social Media Plugin It has been over two years since we launched the Follow Me Social Media Plugin to help WordPress users aggregate their social media presence. At the time we created a unique plugin that no one else had built. Since then many new plugins and widgets have come on the market that is very similar to the plugin.

35,000 downloads later we realized we needed to increase the functionality the plugin provided. We want this to be THE plugin you use to display your social media profiles in one place.

Download the Ignite Social Media Capabilities Deck

The plugin now accommodates the following:
  • Can change the text from’follow me’ to ‘follow us’ for cases that are better represented as a business than as an individual.
  •  Added a whole slew of new social networks as well as the ability to add email addresses and IM services to the list with their appropriate Icons.
  •  Don’t want the plugin to show up on a mobile browser? No problem you now have the option to remove it.

We are excited to continue developing the plugin and adding new features. If there are any you would like to request leave them in the comments below.

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