YouTube One Channel Redesign: What Social Media Marketers Need to Know

Beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, June 5th, YouTube will automatically be implementing a new layout for everyone, they’re calling it YouTube One Channel.

YouTube One Channel Countdown

Here is everything YouTube marketers need to know to get their channels updated.

Channel Art

A new cover photo, similar to Facebook and Google+, will be highlighted at the top of your Channel. This banner will be visible on a computer, mobile device, tablet, and TV. However, each device will display the Channel art at a different size. As a best practice, upload an image file that’s optimized to fit each dimension correctly, which in this case is 2560 X 1440 px. From there, each device displays a smaller portion of the same photo resulting in unwanted cropping if content is outside of the given proportions.


2560 X 1440 px (The entire image will be seen)


Minimum – 1546 X 423 px (This is the ‘Safe Area’ where all text and logos should be centered to always display correctly)
Maximum – 2560 X 423 px (The areas to the left and right of the minimum desktop size may be visible depending on the viewer’s browser size)


1546 X 423 px (Image will be scaled down to width of mobile screen which varies by device)


1855 X 423 px (Slightly larger than the ‘Safe Area’)


Channel Trailer

Besides Channel Art, you’ll need to choose a “Channel Trailer” to feature, which is basically a welcome video that viewers will see the first time they come to your channel. The purpose of this is to help drive channel subscriptions, so make sure to choose a video that will represent your brand!

YouTube Samsung pic 2

Now that you’re ready to update to the new YouTube One Channel, get started here:

Full Disclosure: Samsung Televisions is a client of Ignite Social Media.

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