Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Channels by Subscribers (Updated: July 2020)

As a social media agency expert, I’m regularly called on to explore what brands are doing on YouTube, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to spending a great deal of personal time on there as well. I’ve quickly learned that despite all of the effort brands put into creating viral ads like the Old Spice Guy, the videos that get the most exposure are ones created by individuals. I took a look at the Top 10 popular YouTube channels by subscribers and provided a few thoughts on why I think they’re so appealing.

10 – Dude Perfect

Style: Sports & Comedy

Member Since: 2009

Subscribers: 52.1 Million

Channel Views: 11 Billion

What’s the appeal? This multinational sports and entertainment YouTube channel take sports to the next level by adding creative rules. The group also makes hilarious and satirical videos acting out scenarios. Recently, they have taken a shift from their normal humorous and sporty videos and started a series featuring them checking off items from their bucket lists.

9 – Justin Bieber

Style: Music

Member Since: 2007

Subscribers: 55.3 Million

Channel Views: 21 Billion

What’s the appeal? Ever since he was a child prodigy, Justin Bieber has grabbed the hearts of many and racked up many subscribers in the process since. His catchy hit songs continuously top the top hits charts.

8 – Zee Music Company

Style: TV & Film

Member Since: 2014

Subscribers: 58 Million

Channel Views: 27 Billion

What’s the appeal? Zee Music Company is one of the leaders in India’s television and film entertainment companies. They have thousands of hours of TV and are present in 171 countries. Featuring popular artists and entertaining TV shows it’s apparent why Zee Music Company has drawn in so many subscribers around the world.

7 – Canal KondZilla

Style: Film & Music

Member Since: 2012

Subscribers: 58.6 Million

Channel Views: 30 Billion

What’s the appeal? Brazilian screenwriter and director KondZilla, or just KOND, is the founder of both a record label and a music video production company. His goal is to play the biggest hits to his audience all over Brazil. His popular videos never fail to excite his millions of subscribers.

6 – WWE

Style: Sports

Member Since: 2007

Subscribers: 45 Billion

Channel Views: 62.9 Million

What’s the appeal? The theatrics of WWE is enough to get any kid’s heart pumping. This exciting sport has been around for 40 years and attracted millions of fans globally.

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5 – 5-Minute Crafts

Style: DIY

Member Since: 2016

Subscribers: 67.1 Million

Channel Views: 18 Billion

What’s the appeal? Everybody loves a quick at-home project that saves money and time. 5-Minute Crafts offers fun DIY-projects and crafts in a variety of categories including science experiments, crafts, kitchen gadgets, and hacks, lifehacks, beauty hacks, health and body hacks, kids and parenting, and more!

4 – SET India

Style: TV & Movies

Member Since: 2006

Subscribers: 74.9 Million

Channel Views: 59 Billion

What’s the appeal? SET India, also known as Sony Entertainment Television, offers a wide variety of genres for all aspects of family entertainment. Their goal is people laugh together more as they continue to tell relevant, engaging, and entertaining stories by showcasing comedies, game shows, dance shows, thrillers, dramas, and so much more.

3 – Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

Style: Education

Member Since: 2006

Subscribers: 86.3 Million

Channel Views: 67.7 Billion

What’s the appeal? Entertaining kids in the 21st century is a lot easier with entertaining YouTube videos like Cocomelon. This YouTube channel and TV Show features 3D animations of children’s songs. The videos are a hit with young children and provide hours of entertainment.

2 – PewDiePie

Style: Gaming

Member Since: 2010

Subscribers: 105 Million

Channel Views: 25.97 Billion

What’s the appeal? PewDiePie contrived the YouTube gaming video culture through his expertise at video games and showing off futures in his witty and entertaining videos. He plays popular games, often before release, and shows them to his millions of subscribers.  

1 – T-Series

Style: Film & Music

Member Since: 2006

Subscribers: 144 Million

Channel Views: 113.5 Billion

What’s the appeal? T-Series has been apart of the music industry for the past three decades offering music in many languages and offering an abundance of different genres. It is India’s largest Music Label & Movie studio that believes music can bring the world closer together.

Well, there you have it. The 10 most popular YouTube channels with the most subscribers. For questions or help with your YouTube strategy, contact us using the form below.

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