Blockchain and the Social Media It Powers

There’s been a buzz going around about Blockchain and Social Media apps incorporating with privacy issues being a hot topic but not everyone knows what is exactly powered by them. I’ll be honest with you all, I had no idea what Social Media was powered by Blockchain until I looked it up. If you aren’t up on what Blockchain is, my legal go-to Brian Heidelberger has a video that helps explain it a bit. Now that we have an understanding of Blockchain, let’s check out what Social Media is powered by it.


Explained as being LinkedIn-like, the social media platform Indorse validates skills by indorsing and validating the claims. Then rewards users for endorsing skill sets of others, however they have to attach proof for members to verify. There’s also a reputation score associated with your account, which is something cool that LinkedIn might want to replicate.



Social Media without stress. Sounds perfect to me. Wait, it gets better…they state ‘made for Introverts’. There’s no need to build followings, Sola will spread your content (news, stories and entertainment cards) to the most relevant people to comment and spread. My favorite thing on Sola is the tagline “enjoy without getting tired”, this is the platform I’m most excited about being powered by Blockchain.



Described as similar to Reddit, Steemit home page proclaims that your voice is worth something. What does this mean? Well, it then says you can get paid for good content. The more users upvote your articles, the more rewards you get. They have a great quick start guide to help users to set up their accounts and best use the site.


There are plenty of other social media apps and sites powered by Blockchain, here I’ve just highlighted a few of them. Any that I’ve missed that is a favorite of yours, share with us in the comments below.

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