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INFOGRAPHIC: CES 2013 As Seen Through Social Media

The social media world was atwitter this week with talk of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show. With topics ranging from the Samsung YOUM flexible phone display screens to Hapifork, a fork that vibrates if you eat too fast and tracks your dietary data, the volume of conversation came close to one million mentions over the course of the conference. Among the most buzz-worthy products were the Samsung UN8559 4K Ultra HD TV, Sony Xperia Z Mobile Phone and the Razer Edge, which was also named Best in Show by CNET.

Overall social media conversations focused on strides made in televisions, tablets, smartphones, and the introduction of a new product category, phablet.  A mix between a tablet and a smartphone (think Samsung Galaxy Note II), phablets also made Mashable’s “Buzzwords You’ll Hear in 2013” list back in December.

Check out more social media buzz around CES 2013 below, and let us know what your favorite product releases were in the comments!

Infographic by: Wyndi Riley, Caroline Monday, Bob Perman, Rick Kupselaitis and Ann Marie Taepke

Data Provided by: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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