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20 Men Worth Following on Pinterest

Pinterest has a reputation for being popular with the ladies. I suppose there’s a reason for that; Forbes reported that 97% of Pinterest users are women, and that 47% of women who use social media have made purchases based on Pinterest recommendations. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t men on Pinterest. They may make up only 3% of the population, but men make up a minority worth paying attention to. Many of them are far more popular than most of us women. Is it the novelty of having a man in a “woman’s world?” (That’s tongue in cheek, folks. Not trying to be sexist here.) No, these fellas have more going for them than simple testosterone. Their pinboards are something to behold.

Drew HawkinsDrew Hawkins

Drew has over 150,000 followers…and remember that a person doesn’t count as a follower if they decide to unfollow even one of your boards. Drew helps curate the Board of Man (over 323,000 followers) which is a group pinboard described as “An effort to add a few extra y chromosomes to Pinterest. Etsy promos and recipes be darned.” He gets his geek on with boards dedicated to Star Wars, Indiana Jones, the undead, and Back to the Future. Also look for a manly Sean Connery board and…cute puppies?

Men of Pinterest - Drew Hawkins

Mike StreetMike Street

A blogger and social media strategist, Mike has an eclectic collection of pinboards. My personal favorites are Food Porn, Awesome Black Women, I Love Japan, and Cocktails R Us, but you can also find Mike’s take on the usual Pinterest fare of recipes, funny pics, and social media tips.

Men of Pinterest - Mike Street

Thomas MurphyThomas Murphy

Over 800,000 followers can’t be wrong! From furniture to Art, Nautical to Autos, Thomas shows off photos in classic style. His beautiful collection of black and white photographs boasts 1.7 million followers, and it probably won’t be long before it hits the 2 million mark. Although he only has 12 boards at the current time, it’s clear that Thomas has found that quality definitely beats quantity.

Men of Pinterest - Thomas Murphy

George TakeiGeorge Takei

Whether you know him as Mr. Sulu from Star Trek or from the countless memes and graphics he has helped spread on Facebook and Twitter nowadays, George Takei has gotten himself in the Pinterest trenches, as well. As I write this, he hasn’t yet reached 15,000 followers, but that will change once his Twitter and Facebook fans find him here. He’s got boards for Sci Fi, Nerds, Parenting, Cats and Dogs, Equality, and even A Feminine Perspective.

Men of Pinterest - George Takei

Kyle NewtonKyle Newton

Over 14,000 pinners follow this design student, and Kyle’s cover images are all quite stunning. There is, of course, a design board, which has attracted over 31,000 followers. You also won’t want to overlook beautiful people, typography, Men’s Shoes & Socks, or architecture & interior design.

Men of Pinterest - Kyle Newton

Reg SaddlerReg Saddler

You may know him better as @zaibatsu, for he seems to attract a following wherever he goes. In additional to the obligatory infographic  and social media boards, Reg has some real gems under cool photos, Travel, #BroPin, and MustFollow Pinterest People Networking! His educational board has some really interesting things on it, too. I could waste so much time just on that one…

Men of Pinterest - Reg Saddler

Olivier BlanchardOlivier Blanchard

Social media author Olivier Blanchard has some of most sophisticated pinboards you’ll see – The Sartorialism, The Board of Respect, and The Craft: Favorite Actors look the classiest on the cover. Tattoo enthusiasts will enjoy Ink, and there’s some female eye candy under In the Land of Eros. For the curious, that last one is mostly NSFW even though it’s tastefully done. Those in the industry can also find the Guide to SXSWi 2012 collaborative board here.

Men of Pinterest - Olivier Blanchard

Philip KadingPhilip Kading

You can tell that Philip spent time deciding how to order his pinboards, because his page has a very clean look to it. From Bikes to Garden, Celebrity to Home Office, Run On to Water Feature – I find myself wondering why he doesn’t have more followers already.

Men of Pinterest - Philip Kading

Brad BaardBrad Baard

The names of Brad’s pinboards are most striking to me, and some of the subjects are some I haven’t seen anywhere else. For a bit of whimsy, be sure to check out Carnival, Bollemakiesie, Delirium, Flamingo, Glorious Monochrome, Pattern Recognition, and Waterfalling. With over 10,000 pins, you could get lost for hours, so plan accordingly.

Men of Pinterest - Brad Baard

Hansol KimHansol Kim

Classic actors and actresses headline Hansol’s top pinboards, but you can find a lot more than pretty faces among his 20,000+ pins. Over 587,000 followers have flocked to Hansol’s boards, which include topics such as Home, Fashion, Let’s Dance, Alice n fairyland, Doors and Windows, Ukelele, and Ceramics and Glass.

Men of Pinterest - Hansol Kim

Mike DMike D

How did Mike end up with nearly 1.3 million followers? With 17 carefully curated boards. He’s got Badgography, Illustrative, Cartography, Sustenance, Inside, Outside, K9, and even Father’s Day. Some of his boards are followed by almost 3 million people…are you one of them?

Men of Pinterest - Mike D

Leandro ToledoLeandro Toledo

Leandro says he’s “keen on witty humor.” His boards look a lot like some others I follow, which means they are certainly good for a laugh. Over 600,000 others agree. Get your Meme, Sarcasm, Funny, and Keep Calm on.

Men of Pinterest - Leandro Toledo

Chris OuelletteChris Ouellette

I find Chris to be an underrated pinner. At The Ballet is simply beautiful, and Jeepers Creepers provides stark contrast. Also worth a look: Mouseketeer, Paper Art, Maquillage, and “If You Want to View Paradise…”

Men of Pinterest - Chris Ouellette

Eric GrantEric Grant

Eric is another little-known pinner, but he curates some boards you won’t see anywhere else – like Urban Planning & Design, Design History & Thought, and Augmented Reality. He also has some useful things pinned to Email Newsletters, Hot UI, Best Practices, Mobile Design, and Data Visualizations.

Men of Pinterest - Eric Grant

Jeremy PruittJeremy Pruitt

You may know Jeremy from THINKMULE; if not, his THINKMULE boards may jog your memory. His Typography board has an astonishing 2,500 pins with nearly 5,000 followers. Aside from his design boards, he has a collection that includes Clint Eastwood, Beer, Hollow Bones, Cabin, and Wood Shop.

Men of Pinterest - Jeremy Pruitt

Matthew CarlsonMatthew Carlson

As a designer, Matthew says he’s into digital storytelling, and his colorful pinboards could tell a lot of stories to his 38,000 followers. Take a gander at Posterized, Toy Box, Product Lust, Birdy, Beasty, Fishy, Buggy, Faces, Places, Winespotting, and much more.

Men of Pinterest - Matthew Carlson

Aaron De SimoneAaron De Simone

Aaron is another designer with a colorful collection of boards – and he is followed by over 200,000 people. Once you get past fashion, food, and style, check out dinner party, autolust, wedding photography, and patterns + textures.

Men of Pinterest - Aaron De Simone

Daniel Bear HunleyDaniel Bear Hunley

Daniel is a Southern gentleman who happens to have over 1.2 million followers. He’s got your Gastro and Spirits, Ferocious Animals and Man Garden, Kidz and T-Shirts… A little something for everyone on Daniel’s corner of Pinterest.

Men of Pinterest - Daniel Bear Hunley

Michael WurmMichael Wurm

Closing in on a million followers, Michael owns a bed & breakfast in Pennsylvania. You may notice a trend in the names of his pinboards: i cook, i garden, i quilt, i get drunk, i am wicked, i wrap presents, and i combine colors. “i” am a big fan.

Men of Pinterest - Michael Wurm

Mike McDowellMike McDowell

Mike is better known as mudpuppy. He works with clay, and his Contemporary Ceramics board boasts more than 1.6 million followers. He’s also got Minerals, Beautiful Baskets, Plant Life, Textile, and Community Glass.

Men of Pinterest - Mike McDowell


Who are some of the men I’ve missed? You? Your colleague? Your nephew? Link ’em up below, and maybe we can take a look at them in a follow-up piece.

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