Eight ifttt Recipes That Might Change The Way You Work On The Web

My fellow Social Media Practitioners will find the new social API connectiveness tool If This Then That (ifttt.com) an amazing way to streamline your content and your social media accounts. They tout themselves as a tool that alleviates the need to code, just think about things in “if, then, that” scenarios.

Many web applications today that are widely used by geeks have APIs that allow them to communicate with other applications / websites. An authentication system enables sites to share login credentials without needing to store that data.. Thus, a site such as ifttt.com can act as the intermediary of all these tools. Any programmer who knows C+, Java, JavaScript or PHP is familiar with if-then statements already. This system simply takes this basic building block of programming and translates it to a way to program and connect the different social media platforms you use.

Below are 8 examples of what you can do with the tool. I have included a link to a few of them that are live and a few that you would have to build yourself. This should give you an idea of the power of connecting sites that previously required complex functions and code sitting on your webserver to implement. Now they can be done with the click of a few buttons.

Eight Cool ifttt recipes

  • Weather forecasting. If it is going to rain tomorrow, then you can set up a system to contact yourself with a text message the day before with a link to the conditions: http://ifttt.com/recipes/168

  • Monitoring your reputation. If your name is mentioned, then you can get an SMS sent to yourself every time your name comes up: create yourself

  • Minimizing noise between social media platforms. If you have a Tweet where you don’t RT or @reply to someone, then you can automatically create a Facebook status with the message that you used on Twitter: http://ifttt.com/recipes/362

  • Save links. If you see a link shared on Twitter that you like, then you can save the link as a bookmark in Delicious: http://ifttt.com/recipes/332

  • Scheduling and calendar management. If you need to create an event or track your time while using Google Talk, then you can use Google Calendar to save the event: http://ifttt.com/recipes/327

  • Blog post updates posted to Twitter. If you want it tweeted every time you put up something new on your blog, then you can set up a system that publishes a tweet every time you put up a new post: http://ifttt.com/recipes/342

  • Instagram photos saved. If you want to make sure your Instagram photos are saved on the cloud, then you can have Instagram photos automatically saved to a Cloud file storage site like Dropbox.com:  http://ifttt.com/recipes/56

  • Foursquare check-ins synced with your calendar. If you want your Foursquare check-ins recorded with your calendar, then you can send your Foursquare check-ins to Google Calendar and record where and when you check-in at places: http://ifttt.com/recipes/95

Do you have any cool recipes you would like to share?

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