2019 Social Media Resolutions

As 2019 begins, some of us find ourselves attempting to begin New Year’s resolutions we’ve set into place, while others are still trying to decide on one. A resolution is generally centered around something you’re trying to improve, which is why we tend to find some overlap when it comes to broader topics. Common resolutions like “travel more” or “save more money” are among some of the more often used resolutions that we find. Going over this distinct group of improvements that people seem to choose at the beginning of the year got me thinking – what if social media channels attempted to improve in the same way we do? What would their resolutions be? Below you can see resolutions I’ve assigned to a handful of the major social media channels and why they seem to fit with the theme of “improving themselves” for 2019.


Facebook – Spend more time with family and friends.

While Facebook doesn’t plan on ridding their platform of promoted content, it’s easy to believe they’re going to try and rebuild trust within the platform. Trust in social networks overall is on the decline, but Facebook in particular has been in hot water over the past year. Between the Cambridge Analytica scandal, issues with analytics for video ads, and everything with the 2016 presidential election, it seems they will attempt to shift focus toward something more user-oriented. That being said, Hootsuite said trust in celebrity influencers and media is on the downswing, with people relying more on family and friends. With Facebook’s release of Portal at the end of 2018, this focus is becoming apparent; although using a device to have conversations with friends and family that is made by a company who has had trouble with handling user data may make some people wary, but hey, that’s just me.

Twitter – Get organized.

For the sake of not just mentioning Facebook’s trouble, Twitter is the first platform that came to mind when considering the resolution “get organized.” Dealing with issues on their platform this year like fake accounts and bots wasn’t great to say the least, but they’re also known for their UI changes that seem to go back and forth. On top of this, they’ve just released a button that allows users to switch between top tweets and latest tweets. While this is certainly a nice feature to have, adjustments to the site leave you wondering if they’re going to keep fiddling with the experience until everyone is happy.

Instagram – Live life to the fullest.

Although it may be a generic resolution for Instagram, “living life to the fullest” seemed to fit them perfectly. A social platform centered on images leads us to look toward what is visually appealing, the everchanging stories additions and shoppable posts just seem to make sense for this channel. Asking questions, adding countdowns, and having polls in stories are just among the ways that Instagram is assisting in real-time content to generate more 1:1 customer service opportunities. One concern, however, is the future of the platform now that the founders have left. Will we still receive the same fine-tuning to a beloved platform, or can we expect to see that tap-to-advance feed? The world may never know.

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