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Increased Instagram Ad Engagement and Hot Stats from the Super Bowl | Social You Should Know


Increased Instagram ad engagement, hot stats from the Super Bowl and a safer twitter experience for consumers and brands in this week’s edition of Social You Should Know.
Social media moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

Engagement with Instagram Ads Increasing

If your target audience is under 34 years old, good news for your investment in Instagram ads. Year over year, Instagram users 18-34 have been increasing engagement with Instagram ads as reported by UBS Evidence Lab. This includes liking, commenting, tagging, visiting a website, sharing and even reposting the ad. For users 35 and older, the behaviors are inconsistent.


Quick Social Super Bowl Stats from MarketingLand

Now that the big game is over, MarketingLand released some interesting stats that revealed that 30% of Super Bowl ads featured hashtags in them, down from 45% last year. Additionally, the research showed that more ads (41%) drove to a URL than a hashtag. This may mean that the trendiness of hashtags is wearing off a bit from year’s prior, or marketers may prefer more complete control over the user’s experience.

Twitter Combatting Abusive and Low-Quality Tweet Replies

Earlier this week, Twitter announced increased efforts to prevent abusive content on their platform that will roll out over the next couple of months. For consumers, this will come in the form of preventing new abusive accounts and safer search results. For brands, this will likely mean less visibility of abusive or “low quality” Tweet replies which will now be collapsed in the feed.

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