February Social Media Updates

It’s hard to keep up on the ever-changing landscape that is Social Media, but don’t worry, we got you. Here are a few of the February highlights from our bi-weekly newsletter – Social You Should Know.

February Social Media Updates

Instagram Stories Rise to Half a Billion Users Daily


Facebook reported that Instagram Stories is now being used by half a billion people every day. It’s not great news for Snapchat, the creator of the story format, who sees 1.25 billion fewer users in total, but it’s great news for brands. We’ve seen success with Instagram Stories in both engagements and conversions with our own clients, but the opportunities in this space just keep growing. Want to explore it for your brand? Here’s a list of Proven Best Practices for InstaStories.

Social Video Content Continues to be a Strong Source of Engagement

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We have analyzed a few trends that will continue to shape the social media marketing landscape this year. One thing that we don’t expect to change is the importance of video. Not only does video tend to see more engagement, 59% more according to a recent study, but it also allows for storytelling in a way that other forms of content don’t. To see the best engagement, it is important to keep your stories short, ideally :15-:30 seconds in length. Another best practice is to incorporate your branding within the first 3 seconds, especially on Facebook.

Page Admins Could Soon Respond to Instagram DMs Through Facebook Inbox


Community Managers, rejoice! Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will allow you to respond to Instagram DMs from within the Facebook Page Inbox, alleviating the need to go into Instagram natively to check messages. Not only is this more secure for your brand, but it will make your engagement process more efficient. It’s set to roll out to selected markets within the next few weeks.

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