How Passion Points Can Make the Difference in a Brand Crisis

When brands are faced with a “soft crisis,” the kind that doesn’t involve a product or anyone getting hurt, but rather general negative brand sentiment, they’re often left wondering how to handle audience dislike effectively.

On Sunday evening, after a weekend of wrangling my 6 year old and 8 month old, I finally collapsed on the couch and flipped the television to HGTV. I’m a real sucker for home renovation and Chip Gaines. During a Home Advisor commercial that features a very realistic doorbell ring, my dog lost her mind. She exploded into barking, nearly clawed down the baby gate to get to the front door, and wouldn’t settle for 10 minutes. No surprise, she woke up the baby.

I am not one to take my consumer frustrations to social media, but an exhausted mom + a BONKERS dog created the perfect storm of consumer anger-driven Tweeting.

User tweet to Home Advisor

Why yes, I am fluent in sarcasm. Thankfully,  Home Advisor was ready for me:

Passion Points during a brand crisis

Leveraging a Passion Point can Make or Break and Experience

BAM. They got me right on my passion point. A passion point is my favorite marketing buzzword that speaks to what excites fans as consumers, what they care about personally, and what they prioritize in life.

Home Advisor realized that dog owners are dog lovers in general and by giving me a benefit to my passion point, aka my dog, they immediately diffused my anger. I was so fully of warm, fluffy emotions that I Retweeted them to my over 7,000 followers, followed them on Twitter, and even Tweeted a picture of my dog to them. I never do that stuff.

UGC with passion point

Little did I know (because I hadn’t clicked on the link yet) that Tweeting them a picture of my dog with #inthedoghouse would qualify another donation. So they completed the activation for me by adding the hashtag through a Retweet.


Bravo, Home Advisor!

Moral of the story? In crisis, speak to passion points. And don’t be afraid to “help” your customers out with activations.

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