4 Social Tools To Help Guide Your Job Search

job-search-copy.pngThe economy is not exactly doing hot right now. So every tom, dick and harry are online trying to find the “secret” to landing a great job. The latest proposed gold rush/secret is social media. Can Social Media actually land you a job though? My answer: Yes and No.

Social Media is a tool that can be adapted to a variety of needs. Fortunately or unfortunately (dependent on skill level) your success depends on your expertise and skill in using that tool.

Without further adieu, I’m going to give a quick run down of four tools/social networks that you should be utilizing in your job search:

The Cadillac of Social Media networking. This is the site that every person must be on period. If you don’t, you might as well not exist/utilize social media at all. It’s also the network where you are most likely to find your dad and people 65+. The necessity of your presence on this network is merely the fact that everyone is there and you aren’t perceived as legitimate until you are on there.

Your Blog
If you don’t have a blog…I suggest you get one. Well you should have gotten one in 2001, but since you didn’t, you should probably get one now. Your blog is a perfect place to demonstrate your knowledge, ability and passion. It also allows you a place to direct networking contacts (My business card has my blog address and twitter name on it). It’s the place where you can custom fit a landing page to yourself. Think of it that way and you are sure to succeed.

A marketers dream. Instant information, great people to pitch, and a variety of job-seekers, hiring companies, and knowledge. I love Twitter and owe much of my professional development to the service. I can’t imagine a day now…where I don’t go on Twitter. It’s not just for talking about whether or not you brushed your teeth. It’s your blog and voice consolidated into 140 character bursts. You can learn a lot about how brutally effective some people can be at communicating. The best tweeter=the best communicator.


I view Facebook as a large place to gather Market Research data and to look at pictures of girls that you had crushes on in High School. It’s not really a professional network, so I don’t utilize it as such. If someone has the feel of being open to talk business then by all means approach them. Otherwise stay away. Facebook=fun

Social Network Job Hunting is limited to your network, skills and ability to communicate. If you can’t communicate, I’d approach a head hunter. You also need to be prepared to become completely transparent (.ie screen everything carefully). So I hope I’ve left you with a few tips that you can learn from…and some plans to implement.

Stuart Foster is a marketing consultant in the Boston area. He specializes in brand management, social media, and blog outreach. He authors a blog at Thelostjacket.com.

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