Hire Me! – Social Media Networking for the Job Hunter

You recently graduated college and you are ready to take on the world! You have a degree and you think you are one hot commodity in this big world! Hey, you even added a few connections on LinkedIn. Your connections are not just your friends but maybe a few key people at your dream companies. You know you are awesome, so why won’t “this dream company” hire you? Here are a few tips to help you network and make real connections in a social media world.

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Don’t Send a Message via LinkedIn Asking For a Job

You have to understand; LinkedIn is meant to be used as a professional networking tool. If you’ve decided to connect with someone and you don’t personally know them, please don’t send an email saying how great you are and how you would like to work at their company.

As an alternative, try reaching out to ask the person if they have time for coffee or even to chat as you admire their company and would love to get any insight about how to break into a specific role or department.

Research the Company

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Nothing burns my biscuits more than someone who tells you all their dreams and how awesome they are but they can’t translate that into a position at your company!

To avoid these scenarios, avoid applying to positions that you clearly know you aren’t qualified to do. Stay clear from jobs that say Global, Director or Manager! Instead, use your creativity to connect the dots to an actual position at the company that will allow you to display those skills. Visit the company website. Look up current employees on LinkedIn. Use Google!

Have a Professional Email Account

Yes, in 2016 I have to really say this!  Do not use fratguy@rockthisworld.com or your college email address! It’s time to grow up and use a real email address with your name.

Don’t Believe you Deserve Anything

Yes, you applied online and maybe answered a few questions. You need to understand that there are about 50 to 100 other people who did the same. If you aren’t qualified, you might get a generic email generated response. Time is limited and hiring managers or HR professionals are NOT career advisors. They cannot walk through your resume; they cannot give you tips to leads on other roles within or outside the organization.

Network, Network, Network

Yes, your professors have told you this, maybe even your parents and now this post! You have to network! If you aren’t lucky to have one of those famous last names, you might have to put some effort in finding the job you want! Here are some pointers for networking:

  • Join a professional club
  • Go to Collegiate conferences
  • Keep in touch with upperclassman and alumni
  • Use LinkedIn and actually connect with people

It won’t be easy and you might be disappointed a few times but with effort you too can work for your dream company! Shameless plug: Check out our careers at our awesome company.

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