Social Media Roundup: Best In Class Brand Social Voice

Looking through your social feed (pick any) we all pause when we get to our favorite brand. Why? We love their social voice. What is it about them that makes the brand stand out among the others? Is it their photography? The witty caption they include with their post? Or is it something else? We all have that one brand that we follow where we are excited to see new content from, the one that never (or hardly) seems to fail in getting us to tap the like button (or heart). Below you’ll find some of the brands that we here at Ignite Social Media feel shine bright.

Death Wish Coffee

My personal favorite is Death Wish Coffee because I feel, as a coffee addict (who is proud of it) that they truly get me. From their sharing of memes with witty sayings that have me clicking and muttering “Yeah that’s me” to their new product announcements or sharing of Death Wish Coffee Dogs, the brand has tapped into what true coffee drinkers feel. It’s that connection that draws me to the brand.



For Justin Vance, Xbox is his go to brand: “Being a passionate gamer, I love to follow Xbox for all the latest gaming news. In particular, I love their Twitter account, @Xbox. They do a great job of really connecting with their gamer demographic, and their social voice and content is on point. They also make a point to try and respond to their community, as you can see if you look at their tweets and replies tab on Twitter.”


Red Bull

Vanessa Williams points to Red Bull and their Instagram presences as one of her favorites: “Their images/videos are pretty incredible. A lot of time shot from the perspective that makes you feel like you are in/doing the action. Their tone of voice is slightly aspirational but they bring it back down the clever use of emojis. Very short copy—they let the image speak for itself.”


Tap & Dye

After much strenuous and heart wrenching deliberation I was able to get Jacob Smith to pick his favorite: “I’ve chosen Tap & Dye because of their holistic, grassroots approach, which incorporates a ton of great UGC (I mean, it is created by avid photographers, so) and graciously branches its own content back out to those members of its community who are so engaged and contribute regularly. Both in imagery and in tone of voice, there is a casual air and consistency that lets you know you’ve happened upon a Tap & Dye post, and, for this very reason, it’s a joy to scroll through their page, appreciating one post after another. I’ve selected their Instagram because it seems to me to be the choice platform for sourcing and sharing UGC and developing an invested community primarily comprised of photographers and enthusiasts of photography.



Jessica Weiss’ favorite goes along with the guilty habit of shopping (a habit I also have): “Lulus is one of my favorite Instagram accounts, as well as my downfall. The way Lulu’s can retrieve so much UGC from their shoppers is a great engagement play also. If you tag Lulu’s in your Instagram pictures with their items, you are automatically entered to win a gift card. So, that cute picture you were already going to post of that super cute outfit you bought from them automatically qualifies you for a gift card?? Sign me up! And then the vicious cycle continues…”


Side Note: And now I need this hat.


NYX Cosmetics

Keeping with shopping as our theme, Nikki Thompkins fav? “I love NYX Cosmetics as a whole because they offer amazing products at great prices. As a beauty brand they are very aware of their audience and they never let them down. Whether it’s new products or highlighting beauty influencers we need to follow. I appreciate that they stay in their lane & provide insta-worthy content daily; establishing themselves as an affordable brand with quality products, which is what the ever day girl needs.”



For Ryan Sweeney, it’s no surprise that his favorite involves puns: “I enjoy Nest on social. I primarily follow them on Facebook and love the videos of crazy things #caughtonNestCam. Their content has a good balance of entertaining (the videos), promotional (new product launches & offers), helpful (energy saving tips), environmentally conscious, and the occasional pun. Despite a variety of content, the voice doesn’t seem scattered or disjointed.”

These are just a few of the favorite we have here at Ignite Social Media. We’d love to hear what your favorite brand to follow is, share with us in the comments.

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