World Series on Social Media

How the Red Sox and Dodgers Covered the World Series on Social Media

Covering sports on social media is unique – content turnover accelerates while turnaround time for that content is expedited. Timeliness is critical as big moments develop LIVE, and the spotlight shines even brighter for brands as millions of fans hang onto every last character of coverage. With so much at stake for the teams on the field, the teams behind the social accounts are required to bring their A-game. Here’s how both teams covered the 2018 World Series on social media.

World Series on Social Media

For the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers, the 2018 World Series was their social teams’ opportunity to step up to the plate and deliver first-class coverage. From slick graphics to exciting highlight reels, we’re breaking down how the World Series Champion Red Sox and runner-up Dodgers made the most of their moment on baseball’s biggest stage.

Building Hype

Before the first pitch is thrown, fans and followers are already gearing up for game time. After falling behind early in the series, the Dodgers took Game 3 – the first game in the World Series on their home turf – as their opportunity to build the hype with the home crowd. A powerful photo paired with a simple caption had fans ready to defend their home field to help their team secure a win.

To get fans talking before the game, the Red Sox went LIVE on Facebook for the Game 5 Pregame Press Conference. With the World Series Championship within reach, fans were eager to share their pregame emotions – the post reeled in nearly three thousand comments during the 48-minute live stream.

Making the Most of the Biggest Moment

The Red Sox brought the excitement of the final pitch to life for social fans, quickly sharing game footage of the moment that sealed Boston’s fourth World Series title in the last fifteen years. By quickly securing, clipping, and posting this video, the Red Sox’s social team provided fans with an opportunity to engage and join in on the celebratory conversation.

Moreover, within minutes of striking out the last batter that solidified the Red Sox’s World Series Championship, the social team had already updated their social media pages to reflect their victory. Profile icons, headers, and descriptions were all swapped out to showcase the organization’s most recent championship.


After a victory of this magnitude, Instagram Stories is a powerful tool for bringing the raw emotion of the moment to life. The Red Sox leveraged this platform to take fans behind-the-scenes of the team’s celebration, delivering exclusive moments and excitement that no other outlet had access to.


Creative Partner Content

During busy times likes postseason play, it’s easy for partner content to fall to the bottom of social teams’ priority list. This post from the Red Sox, however, is a great example of well-executed, relevant partner content.

Taking it one step further, the Dodgers creatively announced their home starting lineups with custom Coke bottles from the “Share a Coke With” campaign. When sponsorship integration stands out and remains on-brand, it’s a win-win for both parties.

With viewership for this World Series hovering around 13 million for each game and nearly 10 million MLB Playoff-related tweets occurring between October 2-24 the Red Sox and Dodgers had quite the audience to potentially reach. By strategically planning game coverage, acting swiftly during the live events, and aligning their brand with both sponsors’ and fans’ interests, the social media teams behind the two franchises knocked this World Series out of the park.

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