Top Batkid Moments in Social Media

Batkid: The Hero Social Media Needs

Clark Kent. Bruce Wayne. Miles Scott. You’ve known the first two names for years as the secret identities of two of the world’s greatest superheroes: Superman and Batman. After Friday, November 15, 2013, you have to recognize the third as maybe the greatest superhero of all – Batkid.

San Francisco Batkid - Miles Scott

Diagnosed with leukemia at 20 months-old, now 5-year-old Miles was given the chance to be Batman for a day when Make-A-Wish Bay Area put the call out to volunteers to turn San Francisco into Gotham City for his wish. Thanks to the real-life “Bat-signal” that is social media, the story went viral, and thousands showed up on Friday to cheer for Batkid as he saved the day and warmed the hearts of millions following along.

To brighten your week, we’ve come up with a list of the top Batkid social media moments from the weekend. Grab your cape and prepare to smile.

When the San Francisco Chronicle ran a special edition newspaper for the occasion – the Gotham City Chronicle.

When Miles made his Batkid debut standing tall next to Batman.

When it was proven that you can’t have Batman without Robin – played by Miles’ little brother.

And of course, you need a Batmobile to be Batman – or Batkid.

When Batkid showed the courage of a superhero and stopped a “bank robbery.”

When Batkid stopped for lunch. Because everyone knows superheroes need fuel.

When Batkid took it all in, waiting for the next move.

When President Barack Obama gave Batkid a #FollowFriday shout-out. More from Mr. President later.

When Batkid stood tall against the Penguin. (Can you hear the Hans Zimmer score when you look at this, too?)

When Batkid saved Lou Seal, the mascot of the San Francisco Giants.

Oh, and when the President showed up again with his first-ever Vine.

First Lady Michelle Obama chimed in to cheer him on, too.

When thousands of fans showed up at City Hall to greet Gotham’s hero.

And when San Francisco–err, Gotham City Mayor Edwin Lee presented Batkid with the key to the city.

When Ben Affleck, the big screen’s next Batman, gave Miles a shout-out, making a lot less Internet noise than when his casting was announced.

And the shout-out from the original Batman, Adam West.

Don’t forget Green Arrow actor Stephen Amell, who made this video thanking Batkid for making his job easy.

And finally, this image. A photo of a young boy with the courage to fight and beat cancer and the strength to put smiles on the faces of millions.

Thanks for reminding us that there really are superheroes, Batkid.

Did you follow the #SFBatkid story? What were your favorite moments? Let us know in the comments below.

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