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If you are looking for the best YouTube advertising agency working today, look no further than the award-winning social media marketing experts at Ignite Social Media. The original social media agency™, we have long recognized the enormous branding, advertising, and SEO benefits of YouTube. Available as a full-service solution, our broad spectrum of social media marketing services is beneficial across all leading platforms and content types.

YouTube is unique in that it’s not just your content quality that matters, but it’s also important to have a strong keyword, playlist, SEO and cross linking strategy. In fact, for one client we increased their YouTube views by 40% without changing a single video.

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Build a YouTube Audience That Matters

Our team of social media experts works with you to establish a strong content and promotional strategy that leverages video to accelerate marketing performance. Our 14+ year veterans work closely with you to strategize and execute effective video marketing campaigns. Here’s how we help brands like yours to maximize engagement with video:

YouTube Strategy

From comprehensive branding campaigns to targeted product launch projects, Ignite has a long history of developing customized strategies that are tailored to reflect the unique needs, objectives, and consumer audiences of each client that we represent. Among our other honors, we have received national Social Media Agency of the Year honors at the Corporate Social Media Awards for our ability to craft strategic marketing plans that produce specific and measurable results.

Paid Advertising

From the very beginning of paid advertising on social media, Ignite has understood that social media ads, and the platforms that support them, require a unique marketing approach. Our media buyers have the experience needed to reach your target consumers where they already spend the most time, both on YouTube and on other social media sites. We also dramatically increase marketing RIO by refining social media paid advertising campaigns through real-time digital analytics and ongoing enhancements.

Community Management

An essential part of the modern branding process, online community development and management gives you an immense amount of power to define and personalizes your business. By connecting with customers, partners, and other interested parties online, you can evolve from a faceless and inhuman company into a group of people that care about others and wants to connect with them. The Ignite community management team handles all aspects of planning, monitoring, and optimization to create and support lively and engaged social media communities on YouTube and elsewhere.

Content Creation

Ignite’s content producers are experts at leveraging existing community passions and concerns to support your specific business goals. As a video-based platform, YouTube allows our content producers to leverage the full audiovisual power of video to communicate clear, immersive, entertaining, compelling, and ultimately effective marketing messages. Take advantage of the immediacy of YouTube by reaching out through short (roughly two minutes) videos that include branding information within the first three seconds. The potential of YouTube videos to drive traffic to your company website and expand your company’s online community is absolutely unparalleled.

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Why Choose Ignite Social Media As Your YouTube Marketing Agency?

Social First. Social Only. Social Partners.

“We are a full-service social media strategy agency.”

Established in 2007, we’ve worked hard to create the type of YouTube marketing solutions that our clients tell their friends about because of our results. We’ve executed strategic social media programs for some of the world’s largest brands like, Jared The Galleria of Jewelry, Samsung, Staples, and many others.

Serving clients throughout North America from its headquarters in North Carolina, Ignite Social Media has been a leading social media marketing provider for more than 14 years. In fact, we were the first marketing agency in the United States to concentrate exclusively on social media channels. For more information on our proven capabilities as a YouTube advertising agency, contact a knowledgeable Ignite representative today.

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