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Ignite Social Media clients see, on average 35-45% more efficient social advertising spend with Content That Converts

We’re replacing a calendar-based approach with a new model designed to drive real business results by tailoring social media content and targeting to meet your audience’s Mindset in the MomentTM at each stage of the purchase funnel.

How Content That Converts™ Works

We develop social-first content, tailor messaging and targeting to each stage of your customer funnel, and constantly optimize your social ads to ensure your social media content is delivering measurable conversions.


  • Social content tailored to address specific moments in the customer journey
  • Customized ad targeting designed to progress audiences down the funnel
  • Each strategy and measurement plan is tailored to the brand’s unique objectives and buyer journey
  • We can be up and running in as little as three weeks
Please watch the video to learn more about our Content That Converts™ packaged programs. We carefully designed these programs to drive e-commerce website visits and sales through highly impactful social-first content and targeted paid boosting.

If you have any questions about this service or our other offerings, send me a note and I’d be happy to set up some time to connect.


Senior Vice President, Ignite Social Media

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How Content That Converts™ Works

This model is custom-tailored to reach your customers at the specific stages of the purchase funnel and drive conversion. The result? Streamlined social content and paid media that delivers measurable results.

“A calendar-based approach can lead to disjointed social media content that does everything but drive measurable business results,” said Misi McClelland, Senior Vice President of Ignite Social Media. “We have developed a customer-first content and media planning approach that guides users through the customer journey through strategic content and progressive targeting – driving high quality online and offline conversions for your brand.”

Although this is a new model, Ignite Social Media has already seen proven results across a variety of industries for their clients. With half the budget, a lifestyle brand saw 29% increase in conversions from social media ads vs. the prior year when they followed a more traditional paid social strategy. And for a fashion retailer,  our unique approach to social ad buying led to a 51% increase in impressions, 33% more engagements, and a 76% increase in online revenue.

Misi Mcclelland

SVP, Content, Analytics & Media

How Content That Converts™ Works

Lifestyle Brand

Even with 50% less spend, our Content That Converts Full-Funnel Program Drove 29% increase in referrals to partners compared to the year prior.

Healthcare Brand

Generated 23% more impressions and 142% more referring clicks than anticipated within the respective campaigns. Our approach resulted in efficiency savings of over $186K.

Fashion Retailer

With this approach, we were able to increase impressions by 51%, engagement by 33%, and online revenue by 76%.

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