Brandwatch Full Review: Here’s What You Need to Know

Brandwatch is a digital consumer intelligence platform founded in 2006. They recently merged with in May 2022 which provided tools for social media management. 

Now offering both consumer intelligence and social media management, Brandwatch provides easy-to-use access for small businesses and large corporations around the world.  

Some of these brands include Delta, Unilever, Monster, and GSK. 

They have an extended library of case studies to show how their customers are using their tool for their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, they do not have a filter option to really narrow down case studies so it’s not the easiest to find case studies that may address your goals if you moved forward using this tool. 


Brandwatch full review here

What Does Brandwatch Offer? 

So what do you need to know about Brandwatch before actually using the app? We’ve broken down here everything you need to know.

Consumer Intelligence 

Brandwatch offers consumer intelligence under the basis of consumer research to help understand your consumers, your brand, and your market. They also provide add-on apps, Reviews and Vizia: 

  • Reviews – Understand your reviews and sell more online – very useful if your brand relies on product sales  
  • Vizia – Embed data in the heart of your business 

Social Media Management 

Brandwatch provides the tools to search social networks and the internet to find the right audience, opportunities to act on, and problems to avoid. With Brandwatch’s social media management tools, you’ll be able to: 

  • Publish – Manage all content in one calendar. 
  • Advertise – Create automated ad campaigns at scale. 
  • Measure – Track your performance across channels. 
  • Benchmark – See how you stack up against competitors. 
  • Influence – Discover influencers and manage your campaigns
  • Engage – Use one inbox for all your interactions. 
  • Access to Audience – See all audience data in one place. 
  • Listen – Monitor the web for insights. 

There are some great case studies of how various brands use Brandwatch’s solutions including Nestle, American Airlines, and Walmart that we highly recommend checking out if your social media goals are similar. 

What Stands Out? 

Brandwatch does a great job of providing examples of all aspects of the solutions they offer. They break down all actions that are provided while including photo examples of the interface and how it is used for that specific action. The interface appears to be easy to navigate and allows you to manage networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.  

Brandwatch provides examples of the best ways to use their platform based on roles. Whether you’re an agency, analyst, researcher, or so-on, Brandwatch gives you reasons why they are the platform for you.  

This tool is also known for its social listening skills, which can provide some great insights about what your audience is talking about or comparing your brand to competitors.  

How Much Does It Cost? 

Brandwatch allows you to book a meeting to discuss the plan that best fits your needs, which is a nice option to have with a social media management tool.  

You may select Consumer Intelligence, Social Media Management, or the Full suite which combines both consumer intelligence and social media management products. The price of this plan will vary based on what features you want.  

There is also a smaller scale plan, Essentials, available for small businesses for the price of $108 per month.  

  • You have the options to try this plan for free or buy it now 
  • This plan is recommended for 1-2 users, so if you have a smaller team this could be a nice starting point 

Brandwatch full review pricing
Photo from Brandwatch

Final Thoughts 

With Consumer Intelligence and Social Media Management boxed together and easily accessible in one platform, this makes Brandwatch a valuable tool to have for any size brand. With the Essentials plan they offer; allows smaller brands to be able to utilize Brandwatch’s functions without paying a cost that might not be as affordable.  

Their easy-to-follow interface and extensive descriptions explaining each function make it a simple process when trying to learn if Brandwatch has the tools to help with any social media marketing plan or idea you have for your brand. 

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