How to Use Social Media Marketing to Promote Yourself as a Brand (part 1)

guitarNot everyone interested in Social Media Marketing is a big company or start-up business. There are a lot of freelancers, artists, and performers out there who can really get some great benefits from utilizing all that Social Media has to offer when it comes to marketing.

You as a Brand – The first step is thinking of yourself as a brand. If you love doing what you do enough to market yourself, you have to treat yourself as your most important client. Despite whether or not you are working for other people, you should always come first. If you can’t help yourself, then how can you help others? Whether you are a musician, actor or street mime, you have to believe in the product you’re putting out there.

Think about your attributes and what makes you different than anyone else in your genre. It takes a bit of confidence to know that what you’ve got to give to the world is worth their time. Once you figure out just who the heck you think you are, it’s time to recognize what makes you unique. What makes you tick? What makes you special? Chances are likely that what you do is something someone else is already doing, so find out what makes you stand apart. You might not even have talent, and you can still market yourself as an individual. Look at Tila Tequila for crying out loud.

It takes some work and some self-examination to get through this part of the process, but once you realize the things that you can give to the world, you can begin to know how to best sell yourself. Don’t rush, because your craft will likely change as you become more accustomed to promoting you as your brand, but this is the first step in getting your name out there—knowing what it means to you. This is just the first step of many, so stay tuned for the next installment, which is equally as important—“Know Your Audience.”

For more on establishing yourself as a brand, check out this article from Fast Company, or this video with Gary Vaynerchuk. Inspiring.

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