Steal Your Competitors Fakebait PR Thunder With This Technique

It’s no surprise to me when Go Daddy trys to be controversial. It seems to happen quite a bit for folks who follow tech/industry news. I wanted to share a quick example of why its super duper important to keep an eagle’s eye watch on your competition.

Namecheap is riding the coattails of GD’s fakebait PR move as we speak. They are effectively stealing the negative PR bait that Go Daddy launched today with a quick and easy promo code counter.

Namecheap Twitter Announcement

Namecheap Facebook Announcement

You are probably wondering what Go Daddy did at this point. Well, they released news today that they actually support SOPA. Namecheap quickly acted and created a promo code for folks who would be looking to move their domains to another service. In my opinion any person in the tech/social /internet space can understand why SOPA is a very dangerous bill for all of us who work on the net.

My take on why Go Daddy actually announced support for it

Go Daddy thought it would be wise to be the only tech company in America to back it (outside of the media conglomerates who pushed for the bill)  in an attempt to get PR out of it. Go Daddy’s stance has always been one of which is very controversial. I think they blatantly go after outrageous situations and really dont care about the negative backlash they might get. This is just another stunt in my mind that they are trying to pull off.

As I stated above Namecheap decided that there would probably be a lot of flabbergasted individuals seeking alternatives today after seeing Go Daddy’s news so they created a promo code and announced it through their social channels. Its spreading and I am sure it will continue to spread in a fashion that actually benefits Namecheap at GD’s expense.

Smart move Namecheap…smart move. Remember, if you want to pull a Namecheap you must monitor and watch your competitors closely and be willing to act fast.

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