10 Instagram Photographers Worth Following

Hey there! Today, we’d like to share ten Instagram photographers who we think are most definitely worth following. This selection might bring a blast of color, a bit of cuteness, a moment of reflection, or even some inspiration to you. So, without further ado, here they are…



Whether you’re a NYC native or you’ve never set foot in the city, the dynamic, colorful, and thoroughly eye-pleasing photos found in this feed will take you on a visual journey through one of the world’s greatest cities, and beyond! From people to architecture to stunning aerial perspectives, @13thwitness seems to find beauty wherever he goes, and gladly shares it with us.



Also from New York City, and equally talented in his photography, Omar Robles takes on a rather specific subject matter in his photos. Though he takes his audience all over the city, and shoots from dusk until dawn, one thing ties his work together in a very cohesive way: dance! Robles captures the incredible grace and power of some the city’s most gifted dancers, and does so with comparable elegance!



Working as a professional photojournalist for four decades has brought James Nachtwey in close contact with some of the most shocking, frightening, and depleting aspects of humanity. Despite the grotesquery of his subject matter, or perhaps because of it, Nachtwey has produced some the most historically poignant photos of the last century. His pictures are not for the faint of heart, but it is exactly what is so dismaying about them that makes them so significant.



An equally prolific photo-documentarian, albeit a much less difficult pill to swallow, so to speak, Magnum photographer Martin Parr’s work is riddled with the hilarious and the absurd. His photographs are just as telling about our culture and condition, but are, on the whole, a more colorful and whimsical representation of the day-to-day experience that many of us share.



Dipping slightly below the high art or serious journalistic endeavors of the previous two photographers, though no less entertaining, Pumpkin the Raccoon’s Instagram account regales us all in the fantastical life of a rescued raccoon and a canine sidekick named Oreo. Together, the two make for one of the cutest, and one of our favorite, dynamic Instagram duos.



Not to be confused with the equally bristly, mid-twentieth century Nobel Prize-winning author, this little hedgehog has won our hearts and piqued our curiosities, and will likely have a similar effect on you. A self-proclaimed bibliophile, antique enthusiast and napper, Ernest will no doubt bring a bit of joy to your day and a smile to your face, so we highly encourage you paying him a visit.



If you happen to have a fondness for bright colors and subtle details, then Hernán’s brilliantly simple, yet deceptively refined minimalism will have your thumb scrolling faster than your eyes can process. What others might likely overlook, he captures in the brightest blues, yellows, reds, greens, oranges, and more. This Buenos Aires native is surely one to stop and appreciate, because if his work doesn’t brighten up your day, then we’re not sure what will.



Sharing something with Hernán’s minimalism, but adding to it a propensity for architectural marvels that looks as though they’ve come out of a science-fiction film, Otije’s work is simply stunning. It is also similar to Hernán’s Instagram gallery in that we very much doubt that you’ll be able to look at one or two photos without temporarily losing yourself in its wonder.



If you’ve ever dreamt of being led by the hand toward an exotic destination by an enchanting woman, then you can likely keep on dreaming. But, you can vicariously enjoy such luxury by following Murad Osmann as he is led by the hand toward myriad exotic locales by his own enchanting wife. It’s not quite as good as the real thing, but Osmann’s Instagram gallery will be sure to marvel and amaze!



Lest we forget about another photojournalistic behemoth, we couldn’t finish this list without adding Steve McCurry to it. Among the most widely known and viewed photographers still taking pictures, his work takes audiences around the globe and then some, visiting physical, cultural, social and spiritual occurrences that many of us can hardly fathom. Plus, we’re almost positive that you’ve already seen one of his more famous photos, even if you didn’t know it was his…



As a little bonus to any reader who’s made it this far, you can take a look at my personal Instagram account. I love taking pictures in my free time, but wouldn’t dare compare myself to the Instagram greats mentioned above (or at least not yet, anyway). People are my favorite subjects, but I’ll occasionally stray from them, all depending on what crosses my path. Hopefully you like what you see, but if not, my feelings won’t be hurt.

Thanks for reading! We hope you discovered some awesome new photographers who will be populating your feeds imminently. Until next time!

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